Registered user login in BITKAN, and get 3 chances for the lucky draw game. Click “start” and win BitCoins!

First Prize: 0.1BTC (2 per day)
Second Prize: 10mBTC (8 per day)
Third Prize: 3mBTC (40 per day)
Consolation Prize: 1mBTC (100 per day)

Activity Period: 26th Oct. to 28th Oct.(Beijing Time)

Precautions: Please bond telephone number with your BITKAN account first. All prizes will be deposited into BITKAN wallet automatically.


Easy trade with a single click.

  • No top-up,support local payment methods such as WeChat and Ali Pay
  • Complete transaction within minutes
  • Without certification for small amount transactions.

Safe, cold and hot wallets separated

  • Former Fortune 500 companies. More than 10 years experience.
  • Safe & complete risk control strategies
  • Real time data backup
  • Multi-anti-virus protection

Customer first. Quality services.

  • No trading fee for users
  • Professional customer service
  • Large amount transaction VIP one-to-one support
  • Secured transactions









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The Founding Team

CEO & Co-Founder

Former Fortune 500 management team. R & D Director. China's first batch of encrypted digital currency industry entrepreneurs, a full stack developer with excellent managing skills.

Leon Liu CEO & Co-Founder

Former Fortune 500 management team, Agile Coach. China's earliest Bitcoin player, a full stack developer with a strong business acumen.

Edward Liu Founder
CTO & Co-Founder

Former US-owned listed company, Fortune 500 system architects. System security and risk control technology experts with extensive experience.

William Tang CTO & Co-Founder
COO & Co-Founder

Fortune 500 company, senior operations manager, product manager for Tencent. Well-known professional operation manager, one of the few and earliest women entrepreneurs in bitcoin industry.

Fanny Yu COO & Co-Founder

About Us

OTC Trading For Regular People: Search For the ‘Uber of Bitcoin’

More and more people are looking to get started in Bitcoin with every passing month. In response, companies are giving them more options to do so, including over-the-counter (OTC) trading. Also read: OTC Trading: An Inside Look at How Whales Move Bitcoin Thanks to increasing regulation and formal procedures required to set up an online exchange account, there has been a rise in OTC trading for regular people as well as large investors. Services like LocalBitcoins and Mycelium‘s Local Trader have grown in popularity over the years, and now others are joining the competition. China’s Answer In countries like China, these services also help to overcome restrictions on how money can be transferred digitally or moved in and out of exchanges. One such facilitator is China’s BitKan (formerly BTCKan), which added OTC trading to its three-year-old mobile app at the end of May. Designed initially for the Chinese market, the app also has an English version available for iOS and Android on international stores. In a month the a...



About Us

BITKAN is founded in 2013 with its headquarter ini SHENZHEN, CHINA. It owns the largest number of users within the industry in China. It features OTC trading service, as well as price viewing, news reading, mining monitoring, price alert and E-Wallet services, etc. The founding team is made up with experienced former HUAWEI employees, dedicated to provide the most professional and safest services to its users.