Blockchain Global Summit
Premiere release of 『Bitcoin-Shape The Future』


Sofitel Wanda, Beijing

09:00am - 06:00pm



    “2017 Shape the Future” Blockchain global Summit will be held in Beijing, China this September. We will invite more than 80 enterprises in the industry to participate. Blockchain experts form worldwide are invited to give speeches over the same period.

    The First Bitcoin Documentary in China will be released at the summit. The documentary witnesses the history of BTC in China. Together we will shape the future.

Top-tier Companies
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Featuring all the high-profile blockchain specialists

We will invite all the authoritative guests and companies to introduce the latest technologies and products, and bring your visions to the future in this conference.

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As the information hub of millions of views, BITKAN now cooperates with the most pioneering tech companies, financial media and renowned industries. A Summit which will be written in history.

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The attending and sponsoring companies are all high-profile influencers in this industry, thus it can generate the highest bonus benefit.


About the documentary

Starting from the concept of BTC in Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper in 2008, now BTC has already evolved into a 40-billion-USD digital asset. What happened to BTC in its 9 years’ development? And what role does China play in BTC industry?

In order to keep a detailed record of the growth of this industry, BITKAN chose to be the narrator this time, together with other outstanding Chinese BTC companies such as Bitmain, Huobi, Bixin, ViaBTC and renowned BTC professionals and investors, telling the story of BTC’s development through a documentary. Just to show the most real situation of this industry and share the interviewees’ unique options.


Jihan Wu


The industry-recognized preacher of bitcoins. He stepped into the bitcoin industry as early as 2011. He is also the first one who translated Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper about bitcoin and he is also the founder of BITMAIN.

Roger Ver

CEO of

He is most well known for his work promoting Bitcoin. People call him "Bitcoin Jesus"

John McAfee

Co-Founder of McAfeeXL

Mr. McAfee began the world’s first antivirus company : McAfee. In 2016, Mr. McAfee sought the office of President of the US as a candidate of the Libertarian Party.

Evan Duffield

Founder of Dash

Evan Duffield is the inventor of DASH –pioneered the X11, InstantTransactions, Masternodes and many other features.

Leon Liu


BITKAN CEO, the former head of Huawei's wireless R&D department. He once led a team of 2,000 professionals in researching and developing 3G/4G networks in China.

Feng Han

Co-Founder of Elastos

iCenter Mentor of Tsinghua University. Co-Founder of Elastos. The Secretary-general of DACA and the Chief Editor of Blockchain: A View of Quantum Finance.

Lin Li

CEO of Huobi

He has always been promoting the global digital currency trading. Before he founded Huobi, he was an engineer in Oracle Asia Research Centre. He has a rich experience in online finance and team management.

Bobby Lee

Co-Founder & CEO of BTCC

Before BTCC, Mr. Lee was Vice President of Technology for Walmart's e-commerce business in China. Previously he was the CTO of SMG BesTV New Media.

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar


Co-Founder of Rootstockand Koibanx, both companies aim to turn the transformative potential of Bitcoin into a reality.Founders of the Argentinean Bitcoin Community which has over 2,000 members

Changpeng Zhao

CEO of

Block chain expert, trading system expert. Former technical director of Bloomberg, Technical Director of, former co-founder of OKCoin.

Stas Oskin

Wings Biz and Core dev

Has over 10 years of extensive experience in engineering, development and management of software, cloud, healthcare, crypto-currency, social products and services.

Emiliano Grodzki

Co-Founder of BackBone

BackBone Hosting Solution & Crypto Data Capital Fund Co-founder. Companies dedicated to the design, construction and management of crypto graphics processing centers and mining investment fund. Active leaders and promoters of “cryptocoins” development.

Dawei Li


The Co-Founder and CEO of CHBTC. He worked in several Fortune 500 companies before, and had been Marketing Manager, Product Manager and Operation Director.

Zhuoer Jiang


After entering the cryptocurrency industry, he carried out mining-related business. He has pulished popular entry articles about cryptocurrency in the Chinese community.

Gang Wu

CEO of Bixin

A senior specialist in P2P storage system and a founder of many startups. He got to know bitcoin in 2009 and then he became one of the earliest investors in bitcoin.

Yang Zhang

Co-Founder of Founder of He is experienced in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Ian Grigg

Partner of

Partner of Ian has been in the financial cryptography space since 1995. He has brought DLT to financial institutions. He is now working on a number of blockchain and DLT related projects including EOS.

Ye Gou

Founder & CEO of Nanyouquan

He is the founder and CEO of Southern Brotherhood Entrepreneurship, and the former VP of Southern Media Group.

Haipo Yang

Founder & CEO of ViaBTC

He once worked in Tencent Weibo and Futu Securities. He entered the bitcoin industry in 2011 and started his own bitcoin business. He completed the whole ViaBTC mining pool code in June 2016.

Xiaopeng Shang

Board chairman of BTC123

Chairman of the board of Chengdu Lianyi Network Technology Co., Ltd.(, Doctor of Engineering, a member of China Democratic National Construction Association, and an angel investor.

John Riggins

Asia Pacific COO of BitcoinMagazine

Bitcoin Magazine, under the BTC media group, a reliable news source of block chain, digital currency and professional reviews.

Nikita Zhavoronkov

Co-founder, CEO of

Nikita is an infosec and AML/CFT specialist currently teaching cryptocurrency and blockchain at NRNU MEPhI in Moscow. Blockchair is a blockchain search and analytics engine.

Yedige Davletgaliyev


Yedige specializes in cryptography and automation software. He advises various financial institutions on blockchain tech. Blockchair is a blockchain search and analytics engine.

Fanny Yu


Former senior operation manager and Tencent product manager. She joined BITKAN in 2013 and now she is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BITKAN. She is also the producer of the documentary Bitcoin: Shape the Future.

Jon Southurst

Senior Editor of

Jon is the Senior Editor at, a news site written by cryptocurrency veterans that takes an international view of the industry. He is based in Tokyo.

George Levy

CMO of

An award-winning digital marketer, author and expert speaker with over 20 years of professional experience working with Internet and digital technology.

Gocha Iakobashvili

CEO and Founder of 4xcorp

Our primary focus is to research, design and development of services based on blockchain technology. There integration in business process.

Bernardo Schucman

CEO of Realbit

Realbit is the biggest South American hashrate provider.Realbit is looking for a new opportunities, to strengthen Bitcoin community, and create a new mining operations and business related to Bitcoin in South America.

More speakers to be comfirmed
8:00 ~ 9:00
9:00 ~ 9:20
Opening address
9:20 ~ 9:45
Leon Liu    CEO of BITKAN
9:45 ~ 10:10
Jihan Wu    CEO of BITMAIN
10:10 ~ 10:30
John McAfee    Co-Founder of McAfeeXL
10:30 ~ 10:50
Tea break
10:50 ~ 11:15
Evan Duffield    Founder of Dash
11:15 ~ 11:40
Lin Li    CEO of Huobi
11:40 ~ 12:00
Stas OskinWings Biz and Core dev
12:00 ~ 14:00
Buffet lunch
14:00 ~ 14:25
Bobby LeeCo-Founder & CEO of BTCC
14:25 ~ 14:50
Roger VerCEO of
14:50 ~ 15:15
Ian GriggPartner of
15:15 ~ 15:35
Changpeng ZhaoCEO of
15:35 ~ 16:00
Tea break
16:00 ~ 16:20
Diego Gutiérrez ZaldívarCEO of RSK
16:20 ~ 16:40
Feng HanCo-Founder of Elastos
16:40 ~ 17:00
Zhuoer JiangBTC.TOP CEO
17:00 ~ 17:20
《Bitcoin-Shape the Future》
The Premiere Ceremony
17:20 ~ 18:00
The premiere release


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  • Documentary ticket
  • Tea break
  • Limited edition magazine
  • Limited edition commemorative coin
  • Conference guide



  • Documentary ticket
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  • Documentary ticket
  • Tea break
  • Limited edition magazine
  • Limited edition commemorative coin
  • Buffet lunch
  • Limited edition Blu-ray DVD
  • Fast-lane to check in
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BITKAN was founded in 2012, and witnessed the development of Chinese bitcoin industry in the early days. After 5 years" growth, it has already reached out to millions of users globally with convenient and useful digital currency intel and news, and functions such as OTC trading, BTC wallet, mining pool monitoring and more through its website and the mobile application. As one of the leading companies in this industry, BITKAN is devoted to fostering the healthy development in this industry and promoting the concept of bitcoin and block chain in mass media. Together with other top companies in this filed, this time BITKAN presents the legendary documentary Bitcoin: Shape the Future, and plans to host the first Shape the Future Block Chain Global Summit, inviting global corporate leaders to discuss the development and the future.
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