SHAPE THE FUTURE: Bitcoin & Blockchain Global Summit Now Open for Registration

This September, global Bitcoin and Blockchain experts and industry leaders will gather at the SHAPE THE FUTURE: BTC & Blockchain Global Summit in Beijing, China. The summit is hosted by BITKAN, to discuss the current state of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology as well as how each will impact the future. There will also be a documentary premiere on the same day. Also produced by BITKAN, it is the first Chinese Bitcoin documentary in history, aiming to shed some light on the Chinese BTC industry to the global audience.

Heavyweight Guest Speakers

The name list of guest speakers invited to this summit reads like a Who’s Who list of the best and brightest in BTC and Blockchain industry:

  • Bitmain CEO Wu Jihan
  • CEO Roger Ver
  • Huobi CEO Li Lin
  • Dash Core team
  • Rootstock CEO Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar
  • Wings CEO Stas Oskin
  • BitKan CEO Liu Yang

Those names need no further explanation and they are going to give profound insights on topics such as the cryptocurrency industry in China, pioneering technology, the environment and its development in global market, how Blockchain technology can shape the future and more.


China’s First BTC Documentary Premiere

One of the highlights of the summit is the much-anticipated premiere of the documentary titled Bitcoin: Shape The Future, which examines the history of Bitcoin in China as well as the emerging industries it has spawned.

The BitKan crew traveled across China to interview key players for a deeper insight. In order to make it happen, their path went from Beijing, Dongguan, Shenzhen to Hong Kong, and they even trekked into the wildness of Inner Mongolia. The BitKan team investigated everything about Bitcoin from the hardware like mining machines, mining pools and mining factories, to the software like Bitcoin application technology and Bitcoin trading platforms. They also conducted interviews with more than 20 leaders in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry. As well as those mentioned above, there are entrepreneurs, investors both institutional and individual, and academics who study the field. In this way, BitKan managed to cover every aspect of Bitcoin in this coming documentary.

By the way, this documentary also talks about scandals, social media outbursts and personality clashes that steered Bitcoin’s path — but which most outside China have probably never heard of.

Your Voice Matters

In a world of increasing government oversight, how do we move forward to achieve mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology without sacrificing privacy? How far-reaching are its possible application?

These are all questions that will impact the future of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency as a whole, and Blockchain technology. And only by communicating and discussing with professionals all over the world can we begin to solve the problems. The BTC & Blockchain International Summit will give everyone a voice in shaping that future!


Now this unprecedented summit is open for registration!

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