Introduction to CREDO
Credo is a blockchain-based spam filtering and messaging solution. Trying to set up a new market for sending and receiving e-mail, where a sender pays a fee for sending an e-mail to a recipient who does not recognize it, so that the e-mail is received or replied. Recipients who pay attention to this e-mail receive these fees as a reward, increasing the likelihood that this e-mail will be noticed and responded to by the recipient. This program includes two components: BitBounce and Credo. BitBounce to achieve the unknown contact mail filtering and receiving, reply payment mechanism. Credo tokens are the main units that reward recipients and Bitcoin and Tezzies will also be supported. Credo tokens will also be used to drive the popularity of BitBounce solutions and to reward the continued use of BitBounce based on usage proofs.
Basic information on CREDO
English Name: CREDO/ Credo
Chinese Name: Credo
Trading Platform: 2
Issue Time: 2017-09-14
Whitepaper: --
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: