Introduction to HC

HyperCash (HC) is the tokens issued by Hcash, which is based on the UTXO model's stable blockchain system. ⽽ Once the Hcash Backbone is online, you can exchange Hcash with any Hshare exchange or Hcash official team on the go. And complete all the acceptances and replacements after about 10 months. The Hcash team will use technology to destroy all Hshare. All Hshare will be permanently destroyed after the last cutoff period. Open Source Code for Hshare Under the GitHub page of Hcash, you can read the Hshare source code for each 并 and verify that the total number of Hsahre disbursed is consistent with the number of Hcash as specified in the Hcash ⽩ book.

Hcash quantity planning

Hcash's total amount of tokens is fixed, with a total credit limit of nearly 84 million, which is divided into six major sections.

• PoW outputs 21 million (25%).

• PoS output 21 million (25%).

• Crowdfunding (ICO) and free distribution of 21 million (25%).

• Pre-ICO 12.6 million (15%).

• Development team + Hcash base will be 4.2 million (5%).

• Hcash-DAO 4.2 million (5%).

Basic information on HC
English Name: HC/ HyperCash
Chinese Name: 超级现金
Trading Platform: 25
Issue Time: 2017-08-21
Whitepaper: --
Crowdfunding Price: --