Introduction to OSC
Oasis City represents the virtual reality world. The platform's name comes from the science fiction "Ready Player One", which involves the VR world called The Oasis. You can access this virtual world by wearing a dedicated device. The Oasis City platform uses a balanced build of hardware and software development. We hope that it can truly represent the VR world beyond physical space. The platform has unlimited potential and the practical application is endless. It will soon be a part of our lives. The content of the Oasis City VR platform can be divided into several categories, such as education, entertainment, games and shopping centers. The Oasis City team will lead the early content development of each center, but as the content of the center grows, the platform can expand indefinitely. In addition to the Oasis City team, individual developers, start-ups, and even employees from large companies in a variety of industries can combine blockchain and VR in the Oasis City VR platform to create content and generate profits. Transparency can also be added when distributing profits. In addition, users will be rewarded while enjoying the content on this new VR platform. Every economic function in Oasis City is based on a billing economy system that utilizes blockchain. Asset ownership through content development engagement and payment transparency through distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. Oasis City Coin (OSC) is a currency within Oasis City that can be used to capitalize on all economic activities of the platform and its billing economy system. Users can select the avatar they want when they log in for the first time and will generate avatars via the ERC-721 protocol (non-replaceable token or "NFT"). In addition to this, various assets, such as game items, are created based on the NFT. NFT is a special form of token. Each token is original and cannot be replaced by another token.
Basic information on OSC
English Name: OSC/ OSC
Chinese Name: OSC
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