Introduction to SHOW
Show one — Based on Ethereum's interactive live broadcast platform, people can build their own decentralized live broadcasts here. Show one plans to solve the issues of interest distribution and content incentives in the live broadcast area through blockchain technology. Team strength: Hu Zhensheng, former pepper company ceo, Huang Yaguan, micro founder co-founder. In addition, the team members are micro-shooting, pepper live team members, in the field of live broadcast has a wealth of experience and accumulation. Among them, the number of live pepper users exceeded 200 million, with a valuation of 5 billion. Big coffee gathered: Early investment institutions include coin capital, connected capital, star-chain capital, node capital and so on. Li Xiaolai, Lin Jiapeng, Zhao Dong, Uncle Tong, Kevin Chiu participated in the project's early investment.
Basic information on SHOW
English Name: SHOW/ Show
Chinese Name: 秀币
Trading Platform: 7
Issue Time: 2018-01-11
Crowdfunding Price: --