Introduction to SSP
Smartshare is a smart, trusted decentralized blockchain technology platform that aims to reshape the value of the Internet of Things and data value. The current Internet of Things (IoT) terminals and the volume of data generated by them are increasing day by day. For IoT companies, the business model they face is more and more urgent. It not only refers to improving the public’s familiar framework and simplifying the existing business model. The reason is to gain competitive advantage from new and new opportunities based on new technologies. Therefore, we think that Internet of Things companies need to fundamentally change their traditional methods of value creation and value acquisition. On the other hand, more and more data are generated by terminal devices and the common behaviors of people and terminals, but the value of data has never been truly attributed, evaluated, quantified, and used. Users as data producers have never owned it and have benefited from it, and the value of data has been split into islands without effective interoperability mechanisms. However, we believe that the data generated by the common behavior of users and terminals is one of the most valuable data in human life. Smartshare will use the independently developed IoT smart terminal industry chain technology and solutions to realize the reconstruction of the ecological value of the Internet of Things industry. The right to data and the right to trade.
Basic information on SSP
English Name: SSP/ Smartshare
Chinese Name: 智能共享协议
Trading Platform: 5
Issue Time: 2018-01-15
Crowdfunding Price: --