Introduction to XTZ
Tezos is a blockchain network with Turing's complete smart contracts. The main network has been officially launched in September 2018. Tezos has noticed the governance flaws of blockchain networks as early as 2014, and first proposed a solution to chain autonomy. Tezos' protocol has been carefully designed to make it easier to perform parameter corrections and protocol iteration updates. Through the chain autonomous system, the token holder can determine the upgrade route and priority of the system, which will help resolve the dispute and bid farewell to the network hard fork. In addition, Tezos adopts the unique LPOS mechanism. At present, more than 470 certifiers from all over the world participate in the protection network, and the formal verification design at the code level ensures the security of the entire network to the utmost.
Basic information on XTZ
English Name: XTZ/ Tezos
Chinese Name: Tezos
Trading Platform: 26
Issue Time: 2017-10-03
Crowdfunding Price: --