Introduction to ADA

Ada total amount of 45 billion, the pre-sale period will invest 30 billion Ada, of which 25 billion for the ICO, the remaining 5 billion for the development of company operating company's financial support. With a total of 45 billion and a remaining 15 billion ADA coins, this part will continue to be distributed.

The block rewards will be distributed every 3.5 minutes with reference to the following frequency distribution: Initially 2,000 ADA coins per block totaling 3,744,961 blocks; Phase II 1,000 ADA coins per block totaling 3,744,961 blocks Block; In the third phase 500 ADA coins were generated for each block, totaling 3,744,961 blocks.

Basic information on ADA
English Name: ADA/ Cardano
Chinese Name: Cardano
Trading Platform: 50
Issue Time: 2017-10-02
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: