Introduction to BCN

Bytecoin, also known as bytecoin, abbreviated BYC, uses the SHA256 algorithm, just as one byte equals eight bits, which is eight times the total amount of Bitcoin, a total of 168 million. The currency symbol for a hundred bitcoins is β. The number of currencies generated for each block of 100 bitcoins is 100, with an average of 5 minutes out of a mine, halving the number generated after each 840,000 blocks, or about half of the total output after about 8 years, and then every eight years thereafter The number is halved again. The difficulty is adjusted every 2016 blocks (on average one week).

The Bitcoin port for Bitcoin is 8888. This port is used to transfer transaction data and maintain the entire currency network. The RPC port is 8889 and the RPC port is used for remote calls such as mining. In addition, the Bitcoin has also run a test network for developers to verify the functionality of the program, test the network P2P port with 18888, and the RPC port with 18889.

Basic information on BCN
English Name: BCN/ Bytecoin
Chinese Name: 字节币
Trading Platform: 10
Issue Time: 2012-07-04
Whitepaper: --
Crowdfunding Price: --