Introduction to DASH

Dash is a digital currency best known for its speed and ease of use for secure payments, both online and in stores. Dash offers an open-source payment platform that has a proven ability to scale to tens of millions of users worldwide.

The core of Dash consists of a unique incentive-based P2P network. Miners are rewarded for maintaining blockchain security, while masternodes receive payment for validating transactions, storing data, and providing multiple services to the network.

Pioneered by Dash, masternodes form a second layer on top of a traditional blockchain network. They can form a highly secure quorums, thereby offering a wide range of decentralized services such as real-time transactions, anonymous transactions, decentralized data storage and APIs, etc. It also provides effective protection against low-cost cyber attacks.

Thanks to the Dash rewards mechanism, the masternode network has grown to 5,000 nodes since its release in 2014, which makes the Dash P2P network the largest of its kind in the world.

More nodes mean higher security, allowing Dash to provide 24/7 digital cash services to end users around the world.

Basic information on DASH
English Name: DASH/ Dash
Chinese Name: 达世币
Trading Platform: 86
Issue Time: 2014-01-18
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: