Introduction to DCR

DCR has advanced PoW + PoS hybrid mechanism. All PoW output blocks must be verified by PoS to be valid blocks, that is, the consensus mechanism of POW packaged accounting + POS voting governance. Therefore, in the network of DCR, the phenomenon of monopolistic power is almost eliminated and the problem of the governance mechanism of decentralized projects is perfectly solved. If bitcoin is also a mechanism like that, the dilation controversy is long overdue and there will be no disruption to the chain as bitcoin and Ethereum split hard-fork!The total amount of DCR coins is 21 million, with 5.96 million currently dug, of which 43.1% are from PoW mining and 21.5% from PoS mining. At present, DCR can only be traded on P network. As of this writing, DCR's trading volume in P network is 199BTC in 24 hours, and the price has risen from the initial value of about US $ 1 to more than US $ 20 today. The highest price ever approached US $ 50. Investment income space or will be very impressive.

Basic information on DCR
English Name: DCR/ Decred
Chinese Name: Decred
Trading Platform: 26
Issue Time:
Whitepaper: --
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