Introduction to EKT
EKT Universal Score, EKT is a multi-chain, multi-consensus, high-performance public chain, which is positioned as a DApp development platform based on the DPOS+Paxos consensus. With the smart contract development language AWM provided by EKT and the runtime environment AWM VM, developers can easily develop a complete DApp. EKT's multi-chain architecture can be described as "multi-chain multi-consensus, one chain and one main currency". Multiple chains based on the extended EKT main chain can all have their own major currencies and consensus algorithms. EKT also provides cross-chain message protocols, based on which the cross-chain asset exchange can be completed.
Basic information on EKT
English Name: EKT/ EDUCare
Chinese Name: EKT通用积分
Trading Platform: 6
Issue Time: 2018-01-05
Crowdfunding Price: --