Introduction to ETC

2016.6 Ethereum's hottest project TheDAO was hackers using smart contracts loopholes, the transfer of the market value of 50 million dollars of ether. In order to restore investor assets, Ethereum community finally voted, most participants agreed to change Ethereum code, hoping to recover the funds. To do this, Ethereum conducts hard-forking to make a backward-incompatible change that will bring all of the ethercoin, including those owned by hackers, back home.

As the hard-fork is publicly available through the blockchain, there is disagreement, but as more and more people support hard-forking, on July 21, 2016, Ethereum Hard-Fork success.

Currently, the "official" version of Ethereum's ETH is maintained by its original developer; the Ethernet Classic ETC is maintained by a new team. This is the first time that the mainstream blockchain has changed its record of transactions by diverging to compensate investors. Bifurcating people who previously owned Ether would hold ETH and ETC at the same time after branching, and there is no exception for Ether in an exchange or online wallet. The bifurcation of the two markets derived from the total value of 1.2 billion US dollars.

At present, more and more Ethereum miners have invested a lot of money in this classic blockchain, and the trading volume of ETC has risen not only because of the concept of conformity, but also because they have seen the protection of transaction security and the related digging Mine reward value. One or two days after the release of the etheric classics, the data was impressive with a network hash of 544GH / s, accounting for 13% of the total Ethereum network hashes.

Basic information on ETC
English Name: ETC/ Ethereum Classic
Chinese Name: 以太经典
Trading Platform: 102
Issue Time: 2015-11-01
Crowdfunding Price: --