Introduction to FREC
The Freil chain is the world’s first blockchain data collection platform, connecting collectors, collections appraisal experts, and entrepreneurs via the Internet to create an environment with collection appreciation, cultural communication, and transaction and circulation. At present, the Freil chain already has the world's largest blockchain database, which can provide information on collections, authenticity, historical transaction records, and so on. Freil Chain has established strategic partnerships with famous auction houses and museums at home and abroad. In the future, in each country, you can use your mobile terminal to learn about the collection information, the latest prices, and participate in auction auctions online. The Freil Chain Utilization Big data and blockchain technology effectively solve the problems of collection identification, value assessment, copyright protection, and security transactions in the industry, and provide a simple, safe, open, and fair data platform for collectors around the world.
Basic information on FREC
English Name: FREC/ Freyr Chain
Chinese Name: 弗雷尔
Trading Platform: 5
Issue Time: 2018-05-11
Website: --
Crowdfunding Price: --