Introduction to KBC
Karatgold (KBC) has developed a globally viable solution with the KaratGold ecosystem: gold-related solutions. Gold has a stable and generally accepted value and is one of the oldest means of payment. Although in the past it was used as a payment method in the form of gold coins, the KaratGold ecosystem has developed CashGold and KaratGold coins. With the KaratGold Coin and KaratGold ecosystems, everyone can pay for goods and services anytime, anywhere. In addition, CashGold can be used as a gold-bearing ticket similar to banknotes. KaratGold Coin is now the most relevant cryptocurrency supported by gold.
Basic information on KBC
English Name: KBC/ KaratGold Coin
Chinese Name: KaratGold Coin
Trading Platform: 4
Issue Time: --
Whitepaper: --
Website: --
Crowdfunding Price: --