Introduction to MX
As a growing trading platform, MXC is emerging as a wave of community-based, efficient and secure digital asset trading platforms. It will perfectly integrate the advantages of centralized trading and decentralized trading – strong liquidity. , high security, credibility and transparency, taking into account the fairness and transparency and efficiency development. The fair and reasonable industry dividend distribution mechanism is the core of the development of MXC. It aims to enable traders and investors to share the wealth brought by blockchain technology while obtaining more abundant, reliable and secure trading services. MX is the equity certificate of the MXC trading platform itself, and the total amount of issuance is constant at 3 billion, and will never be issued. MX holders can enjoy a series of rights such as asset appreciation, platform revenue rebates, supervision, and voting. There are two ways to get MX: one is mining, and the other is buying.
Basic information on MX
English Name: MX/ MX
Chinese Name: MX
Trading Platform: 5
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