Introduction to PAI
Project PAI is a public block chain protocol developed for PAI. It can use block chain to authenticate, manage, learn data and develop applications for artificial intelligence. PAI is the world's first personal ai technology and product. PAI is an Avatar who looks like you, talks like you, and understands you better and better. Each PAI is generated, controlled, and managed by the original master. Each person, while using their own PAI, contributes data and resources to the system as a whole and benefits from it. The PAI block chain protocol has three modules: authentication, intelligent network and data storage. The agreement aims to provide users with a variety of personalized ai services, including social networking, personal assistants, entertainment and health care. PAI block chain will also provide data and application development platform for other artificial intelligence technologies and promote the integration of block chain and artificial intelligence.
Basic information on PAI
English Name: PAI/ Project PAI
Chinese Name: Project PAI
Trading Platform: 14
Issue Time: 2018-06-29
Crowdfunding Price: --