Introduction to XMR

Monero (XMR) uses the core CryptoNote algorithm, a digital currency based on the new digital ring signature, with a 600-second block count, an indeterminate reward for each block, a total monetary amount of 18.44 million and on April 18, 2014 Release day.

XMR A virtual currency of the CryptoNote protocol that is not a branch of Bitcoin. CryptoNote was developed in 2012 when Bytecoin was using CrytoNote technology and XMR was developed in 2014 and the CryptoNote technology is already well established. The technology provides better anonymity through digital ring signatures. At present, there is less publicity on the anonymity of the currency in the country and a higher level of popularity abroad. The word Monero is derived from Esperanto and the meaning in Esperanto is expressed in money.

Basic information on XMR
English Name: XMR/ Monero
Chinese Name: 门罗币
Trading Platform: 51
Issue Time: 2014-04-18
Whitepaper: --
Crowdfunding Price: --