Introduction to XPM
Primecoin is called XPM, which is called primes. The currency issue later, thanks to its new ideas and to mathematics academic contribution, caused the attention of electronic currency industry, a few day, rising number of users, its currency the upward price, the current price has already reached 2 yuan or so, it is very rare for a new currency. The primes XPM, unlike all other electronic currencies, is the world's first electronic currency for mathematical problems. Usual, COINS the opponents of the industry, often with such a view argues: "the currency being consumed electric power, mining and do not produce any product, not bring value to society." However, after the release of the prime currency XPM, the idea can be shut down, because primes will bring real scientific research to the academic community. Prime Numbers, also called prime Numbers. If a number, can only be divided exactly by 1 and itself, so it is called the prime, such as 3, 11, and 37 are prime, prime Numbers in maths, there are many problems, such as the famous goldbach conjecture, the Riemann hypothesis, the twin prime conjecture, fermat number, mason prime, and so on, the solution of these problems, can the development of science and technology of human, plays a very important role in promoting. Primecoin produces one block per minute, and each block contains several XPM rewards (the amount of reward depends on the difficulty of cracking the prime number). At present, the prime currency XPM is mainly used to dig through the CPU.
Basic information on XPM
English Name: XPM/ Primecoin
Chinese Name: 质数币
Trading Platform: 3
Issue Time: 2013-07-12
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: