Introduction to XZC
The zerocoin (XZC) is a cryptocurrency that USES the zerocoin protocol to protect the privacy of accounts. It is the first cryptocurrency to implement the zero-currency agreement, and the use of zero-knowledge proof ensures that the relevant addresses of both parties are protected from disclosure. Zcoin is developed by the research and development team led by Poramin and Aizensou. Through the zerocoin protocol, it guarantees the privacy of the accounts and USES zero knowledge to ensure that the relevant address information of both parties is protected from leakage. Its parameters like COINS, a block of time for 10 minutes, total 21 million pieces of money supply, output in half cycle also like COINS, about once every four years in half, as of January 2017, coin XZC had dug up about 4% of the total output, and has set up a Bittrex in, Bitsquare, Cryptopia, Nova Exchange platforms such as online transactions. Compared to the early realization of anonymous functions of mixed COINS and ring sign, zero knowledge proof in the agreement to solve the deficiency of the former two coin, completely cut off the casting of the proceeds of the currency and redemption of the relationship between the currency of the. When you make a coin, and you destroy a zero, you also produce a proof that you burned a zero. This proof just proves that you burned a zero, but you don't have to prove which one you burned. And by using this proof, you can redeem a brand new coin that has no history of any transaction.
Basic information on XZC
English Name: XZC/ ZCoin
Chinese Name: 零币
Trading Platform: 16
Issue Time: 2016-09-01
Crowdfunding Price: --