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  • Tux Exchange Closure Could Spell Trouble for Pepe Cash Traders

    These are very exciting times for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. While not all of the developments are positive, it is evident the ecosystem is maturing in different ways. The closure of Tux Exchange might be a problem for some, es...
    The Merkle1 hr agoView count (236) Comment count (0)
  • What Makes Slovenia a Cryptocurrency Adoption Leader – Bitcoin.com Mini-Documentary

    Slovenia has a population of just 2 million but contains more retail locations accepting bitcoin cash payments than the entire United States. What makes this small country such a cryptocurrency adoption leader? Watch the following video to ...
    bitcoin.com2 hrs agoView count (236) Comment count (0)
  • Bitcoin mining is largely eco-friendly says report

    This finding contradicts many prior reports and should help to alter the ‘Bitcoin is an environmental disaster’ narrative. The biannual ‘Bitcoin Mining Network’ report was compiled by CoinShares researchers Christopher Bendiksen and Samuel ...
    2 hrs agoView count (135) Comment count (0)
  • From Bitcoin’s Surge To Facebook’s ‘Big Brother’ Coin: Week’s Top Stories

    25-year-old oxygen-drain, Justin Bieber, challenged 56-year-old Scientologist, Tom Cruise, to a cage fight, calling him chicken if he doesn’t accept. But would we be better off putting our money on that… or Bitcoin? [hint: the a...
    4 hrs agoView count (280) Comment count (0)
  • Bitcoin Mining Consumes 1% of Global Energy, Report Reveals

    The US Senate committee on Energy and Natural Resources issued a document stating that mining consumes about 1% of global energy. On public blockchains, mining embroils the computation of a massive amount of mathematic...
    4 hrs agoView count (261) Comment count (0)
  • Facebook Launching Libra Blockchain Testnet Backed by Libra Reserve Next Week

    Coinspeaker Facebook Launching Libra Blockchain Testnet Backed by Libra Reserve Next WeekEverybody is now pretty excited about Facebook’s cryptocurrency project. After all, it took more than a year in the making and now it should finally wi...
    4 hrs agoView count (224) Comment count (0)
  • Accept Direct Crypto Payments Using the Rocketr Gateway

    It’s in the best interest of businesses to offer their customers a variety of payment options. Cryptocurrencies can undoubtedly bring more buyers and many merchants have introduced support for digital assets. A platform called Rocketr...
    5 hrs agoView count (219) Comment count (0)
  • Indian Crypto Community Petitions Government for Regulation

    Following widespread reports of the upcoming Indian cryptocurrency bill, the crypto community has started a petition for the government to quickly implement a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. In addition, a television network oper...
    8 hrs agoView count (279) Comment count (0)
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Soars Past $9,300 in Massive Weekend Pump: Bulls on Parade

    And just like that, Bitcoin (BTC) is right back above $9,000. The past 72 hours have been absolutely stellar for the crypto market, as it saw all digital assets gain notably across the board. BTC, most notably, moved from the low-$8,000s, w...
    8 hrs agoView count (318) Comment count (0)
  • Bitcoin Price Blasts Through $9.3K as Crypto Markets Hit 11-Month High

    A Sunday surge has sent bitcoin price barreling though resistance yet again as it tops $9,300. The move has lifted total market capitalization above $287 billion which is the highest it has been since July 2018. Bitcoin Price Hits 13-Month...
    8 hrs agoView count (210) Comment count (0)
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Top News
10 mins ago
Top cryptos see growth as $BTC crosses the $9,200 mark cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-w…
10 mins ago
I've had a writer's block for too long..time to get it out. I just published Erlay: An awesome performance improvem… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
17 mins ago
Reminder: The BTC "THOUGHT LEADERS" WANT THE FEES TO BE HIGH while the idiot masses blindly brag about the fees not being high.
[reddit] https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/c1b087/reminder_the_btc_thought_leaders_want_the_fees_to/
22 mins ago
I'm thrilled to invite my good friend @SatoshiLite, creator of Litecoin, to be the 1st guest to join my lunch with… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Justin Sun
1 hr ago
58 mins ago
“CoinLab is a big stopping block to moving forward.” Mark Karpeles clarifies to Cointelegraph the situation around… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
1 hr ago
Have cryptocurrencies started the next leg of an upward move? Let’s look at the charts cointelegraph.com/news/top-5-cry…
3 hrs ago
FB coin + just proves crypto is winning. Right now they are prepared to burn banking Tx fees just to stop crypto. I never seen such a big white surrender flag flapping as a victory symbol.
[reddit] https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/c19c1x/fb_coin_just_proves_crypto_is_winning_right_now/
1 hr ago
Astroturf/bot accounts are among us. Here's one I identified today.
[reddit] https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/c1a2p9/astroturfbot_accounts_are_among_us_heres_one_i/
1 hr ago
2 hrs ago
#TRON join hands with @latokens to become an IEO payment token. #TRX $TRX ambcrypto.com/tron-join-hand…
Justin Sun
2 hrs ago
What Makes Slovenia a Cryptocurrency Adoption Leader – Bitcoin.com Mini-Documentary… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Bitcoin News
3 hrs ago
Playing Bull Runs SMART - Using Crypto to Get a Loan, To buy MORE Crypto...
[reddit] https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/c19ckr/playing_bull_runs_smart_using_crypto_to_get_a/
4 hrs ago
#Bitcoin is on the verge of surging past $10,000. Will, it hit $20,000 by the end of this year?
4 hrs ago
Wilshire Phoenix’s #Bitcoin Trust Product Checks all the Regulatory Boxes @WilshirePhoenix BY: Liam J Kelly… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
5 hrs ago
Bitcoin Lift Off! Trading Over $9000, a Year-Long High. The 5 Factors Fueling The Bull Run, What To Watch For Next...
[reddit] https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/c18ipd/bitcoin_lift_off_trading_over_9000_a_yearlong/
10 hrs ago
5 hrs ago
Accept Direct Crypto Payments Using the Rocketr Gateway bit.ly/2IYIhFV https://t.co/ARzxqk0gUW
Bitcoin News
5 hrs ago
Where is #bitcoin going today?
Phillip Nunn
5 hrs ago
Another $20 reason why more and more people are switching from BTC to BCH.
[reddit] https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/c189mj/another_20_reason_why_more_and_more_people_are/