Bi-Weekly Report, 2020 May Issue #2

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To enhance communication with our users, has started sharing the Bi-Weekly Report. You can scan through the recent updates and announcements from the 16th till the 31st of May 2020, which have been summarized in this report.

GateChain Testnet 4.0 was launched and GateChain Mainnet will be launched before the end of June 2020. started to provide Proof of 100% Collateral in May, being the first-ever mainstream exchange that provides 100% collateral and to have had an audit performed by an external accounting firm. IOS TestFlight (V2.4.7) has been released with added features of “Follow” and “Subscribe”. Meanwhile now supports “Posts” on Web. has compared the fees of major crypto exchanges, and it was found that offers better fees than other mainstream exchanges. The volume of perpetual contracts trading reached $2,462,089,995; the volume of crypto-crypto trading reached $1,019,901,107.

1. is the First-ever Mainstream Exchange That Provides 100% Collateral

In 2019, gained a certification mark from the global organization Blockchain Transparency Institute based on its real trading volume. At the end of 2019, BitUniverse revealed a list of global crypto exchanges that actually own the supposed digital assets. ranked in 10th on the list with apparent digital assets which contain 30,000 BTC. We received a BTC Reserves Assessment Report (100% Collateral) in May and have published the verification procedure, code and report on will Support ETC “Phoenix” Hard Fork Upgrade Announcement
  • Listing Vote #11 – Raven Classic VS Standard Tokenization Protocol