Announcement on Conclusion of EMU Event

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Dear Biboxers,


"EMU World Premier, 50% Discount Token Surprise" event has concluded. Thank you for your participation.

The event reward will be distributed to ‘Funds – My Wallet - My Bill’ at 16:00 on 6/4/2020 (GMT+8) . All eligible users please reserve enough USDT to ensure you will receive your subscription.


The following is the subscription information:

1. Total subscription:3814

2. The minimum subscription:11

3. Each subscription lot: Each 0.281548 USDT can subscribe 4.7194 EMU (0.563096‬ USDT)

* Please be noted: each discounted EMU is 0.05965695‬ USDT, market price being 0.1193139 USDT


Event Link: EMU World Premier, 50% Discount Token Surprise




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