Bibox Has Completed BIX Repurchase and Burn of May, 2020

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Dear Biboxers,


Bibox has completed BIX repurchase and burn plan for May of 2020. The total amount of BIX burnt this time is 1,015,903 BIX.

1. Incentive rewards monthly repurchase & burn: 843,029 BIX

2. Contract mining repurchase & burn: 172,874 BIX


The total number of BIX burnt so far is 23,125,554 BIX, accounting for 33% of tokens to be burnt. The total circulating amount is 108,394,795 BIX.



We will continue to increase BIX application scenarios and activities to give back to our community for the support and encouragement we received along the way.


BIX Burn Hash:




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