DT Financial Management Subscription Phase 32 is Officially Launched

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1. Financial management products Introduction

Currency: DT
Product Type: Fixed income type
Total amount: 50,000 DT
Financial cycle: 180 days (June 6, 2020, ~ December 3, 2020)
The annual rate of return: 30.00% (Estimated interest of 100 DT subscription:180.2274 USDT)
Subscription method: Pay DT on the subscription page
DT MA7 Price: 1.57 USDT
Redemption method:
① Automatic redemption on T+1 working days after maturity (the principal and interest are directly paid to the investor account and issued in USDT form)
② After the financial management product maturity, Investor A could receive principal + interest = {n * [50,000 * MA7(DT/USDT) * (1 + 30% * 180/365)]} / 50,000, (Investor A's valid subscription amount of DT is n, MA7(DT/USDT) is the 7-day moving average price of the DT/USDT trading pair on the subscription date. The current MA7 (DT/USDT) is determined at 14:00(UTC+8)on June 5,2020.

2. Subscription Qualification

① Must complete the intermediate authentication before  00:00(UTC+8)am on November 01,2019
② DT average positions from May 29, 2020 to June 4, 2020(daily random snapshot) ≥ 100.
Accounts that meet the requirements can subscribe the financial management product, and the subscription limit is 500 DT for each account.

3. Subscription

① When:  June 5,2020,15:00~20:00(UTC+8)
② How: Pay DT for subscription
③ Valid subscription statistics: at the end of the subscription
A. If total amount of subscription for all users ≥ total amount (50,000 DT), the user's valid subscription amount = the user subscription amount * the valid subscription ratio (valid subscription ratio = total amount/ all user subscription valid amount * 100%, the platform will return the invalid subscription DT= the amount of subscriptions by a user* (1 - valid subscription ratio)
B. If the total amount of subscription for all users  <the total amount, the financial interest will be calculated based on the total amount of subscription.

4. Redemption

Automatic redemption on T+1 working days after maturity, principal and interest are directly paid to investor account

Additional remarks

1. The DT financial plan series is expected to be released once a week (the specific release plan will be based on the actual operation results), DragonEx will continue to launch more financial management products and asset value-added services for all customers, please stay tuned.
2. DragonEx reserves the final right of interpretation
DragonEx Team
June 5,2020