BigONE Will Launch USDT Fixed-Term Deposit Product&Flexible-Term Deposit Interest Rate Adjustment

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Dear BigONE users,

BigONE is going to launch a 30-day Fixed-Term USDT Deposits Product. Please read the following information for more details.

Fixed-Term Deposit:

USDT Fixed-Term Deposit

USDT: Depositing USDT to participate, a minimum of 100 USDT deposit is required, and the investment amount must be a multiple of 100 USDT. The total pool size is 200,000 USDT with an annualized interest rate of 6%.


The product will be available for deposit at 18:00, on June 8. (UTC+8)

The deposit window will close at 18:00, on June 9. (UTC+8)

Your principal and interest will be sent to your account within 24 hours after the product matures.

Your profits will start to accumulate after the deposit period ends, and once deposit, you cannot exit until the product matures

The product does not charge for the management fees.


In addition, we will adjust the annualized interest rate of USDT Flexible-Term Deposit Product from 2% to 1.5% at 10:00 on June 6.

Users who invested prior to 9:59:59 on June 6 will receive their interest based on the 2% annualized interest rate.


Thank you for your support and love.

BigONE Team

May 29, 2020