DragonEx Briefing - 2020/05/29 to 2020/06/05

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1.Major Events

  1. On June 1 , DragonEx completed the payment of principal and interest of the Fourth phase of the ETH subscription; Users could get 1.00575342 ETH for every valid subscription of 1 ETH.

  1. From May 25 to June 1, 10% of the DT in DK Super Lotto Prize Pool is 378.635, which had been burnt. At present, total 305,254.772 DT had been burned.

  2. On June 4 , BTC subscription phase 6 is concluded;ROI: 6.8%. Users could get 1.00558904 for every valid subscription of 1 BTC .

  3. On June 5, DragonEx has launched DT Financial Management Phase 32. Total amount:50,000 DT and ROI: 30.00%. The event is ongoing, please click here for more details.

  4. On June 5 , DragonEx completed the payment of principal and interest of the sixth phase of the BTC subscription; Users could get 219.2575 for every valid subscription of 100 DT.


2.Latest News

  1. On May 29, DragonEx resumes XAS deposit and withdrawal.

  2. DragonEx upgraded LTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, EOSUSDT futures system for improving Futures system performance and providing better trading experience to users.

  3. On June 4th, DragonEx launches XTZ/USDT trading pair.

  4. On June 5, DragonEx resumes ITC deposit and withdrawal.


3.Product Features

  1. APP V4.8.0 ("Futures Lightning Mode", [Trade Copier] adds "Average Copy Profit Rate" data) test is completed, and will be launched next week.

  2. [Trade Copier] The new version of the algorithm has been submitted for testing.

  3. Web K-line optimization.

DragonEx Team
June 05, 2020