BigONE will launch “Mixin Node Eco Partner Program”

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Dear BigONE Users,

BigONE will launch “Mixin Node Eco Partner Program” in the near future. The specific launching time will be noticed via announcement.

1、The Node Introduction:

The “Mixin Node Eco Partner Program" refers to those influential enterprises, organizations, media or individuals, who build Mixin nodes with BigONE.

The node ecosystem partners could name the node and initiate co-construction and promotion,also choose to run the node by BigONE or run it yourself.

2、The Node Co-Building:

  • If the current node does not raise 10,000 XIN, the user can freely choose to participate or quit, before the new node is opened on the Mixin main network. Once the 10,000 XIN is completed, the node is successfully built. If the nodes do not raise 10,000 XIN, We will disband it free of charge depending on the situation.
  • The nodes will be gradually increased depending on market conditions. BigONE users can participate only after the new Node Eco Partner accepts the application.

3、The Node Rewards:

As long as the users participate, the Mixin's full node 1% net profits would be distributed (subsidized by BigONE), before the node is successfully run.

After the node runs successfully, 90% of the node's net profit(node net profit = node revenue - the cost of operating the node) would be distributed to B1 partners daily while the remaining 10% would be the platform service fee. BigONE will distribute the node rewards to the B1 partners.

4、The Node Exits:

  • According to the official rules of Mixin, the nodes can quit free of charge when they operate for one year.
  • According to the official rules of Mixin, 1% (100 XIN) of the quality deposit would be deducted as a service charge and cannot be revoked If the nodes operate halfway out. 99% of the remaining quality deposit will be returned in 72 hours while the application was approved.
  • The node salvage fee paid by the user who quits in the middle of the journey will be classified into the B1 Provisions, which is only used to rescue the node to which the user belongs.

5、The Node Rescue

  • The node with insufficient quality deposit due to user’s halfway out has 72 hours of rescue time.
  • During the rescue phase, if the last hour of the node has not yet completed 10,000 XIN, the platform will start the node rescue fee and B1 provision for rescue.
  • At the end of the rescue time, if the node is still less than 10,000 XIN, then the node would be disbanded. BigONE will give the priority to the exit quality deposit before the node to make up for the 100 XIN deduction of the node exit, and the remaining cost will be apportioned by all co-builders.

【Event Note】

1、According to the official rules of Mixin, the quality deposit must be pledged in the Mixin network. BigONE is not responsible for any loss of the quality deposit which is not caused by the BigONE factor.

2、For those interested in participating, please read the above rules carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the Telegram or WeChat Community. BigONE is not responsible for any losses caused by not fully understanding the rules.

3、BigONE reserves the right to cancel or amend the event rules at our sole discretion.

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Thanks for your continuous support and understanding.

BigONE team

March 19, 2019