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Project Introduction

TOP Network aims to build a distributed communication network that provides messaging, calling, Proxy, streaming, CDN, IoT data sharing, storage and other decentralized communication services. Built upon standard P2P communication and storage protocols, TOP breaks the traditional client-server model and allows every participant with idle bandwidth as well as storage capacity in the network to become a server and offer relevant services to users. TOP Network is also a high-performance DAG-based blockchain platform that is able to support any DApps.

TOP Token Sturcture

Fund Raising:14.5%
Huobi Prime (Early stage users, investors voluntary sale):7.5%
Partners, Marketing and Advisors:10%

TOP Token Info and vesting

Total Token Supply 20,000,000,000 TOP
Initial Circulating Supply: 12.5% of Total Supply
Huobi Prime Allocation: 7.5% of Total Supply
Huobi Prime Vesting Period:No lock-up/Vesting
Seed Round Price: 1 ETH = 122500 TOP (roughly 0.0032 USD)
Seed Round Allocation: 6.5% of Total Supply
Seed Round Vesting Period: 9 months lock-up
Cornerstone Round Price: 1 ETH = 80000 TOP (roughly 0.0035 USD)
Cornerstone Round Allocation: 5% of Total Supply
Cornerstone Round Vesting Period: 6 months lock-up, then vest over 3 months
Private Round Price: 1 ETH = 56470 TOP (roughly 0.0034 USD)
Private Round Allocation: 3% of Total Supply
Private Round Vesting Period: 1 months lock-up, then vest over 5 months
Team Vesting Period: 12 months lock-up, then vest over 24 months
Foundation Vesting Period: 12 months lock-up, then vest over 24 months
Mining Release: Mined in 20 years after mainnet, halves every 4 years
Partners, Market and Advisors Vesting Period: Initial release of 5%, remaining 12 months lock-up, then vest over 24 months

Project Links

Project Centre:https://www.hbg.com/en-us/projectcenter/project/?id=2381

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March 20, 2019