BigONE will Support the ONG Distribution of  to ONT

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Dear BigONE users,

We will support the distribution of ONT to ONG-holders. The ONG will be distributed monthly but be calculated based on the daily snapshot of each user’s ONT balance.

Daily ONG generated for each user = Daily total ONG generated for BigONE * the ratio of ONT holding by each user

The ratio of ONT holding by each user = ONT holding by each user / Total ONT holding by BigONE


* ONT balances under 0.1 ONT (including those in trading orders) will not be counted into the daily snapshot.

* We take a snapshot of the user's ONT holding every day and do the average for airdrops;

* ONG generation is calculated daily but distributed monthly. Distributions will be implemented on the first day of each month.

* Participating in ONT Pool does not affect the distribution of ONT to ONG-holders;

Thanks for your continuous support and understanding.

BigONE team

May 23, 2018