50 lucky draws to win 100,000 VENA!

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Dear users:

To celebrate successful launch of VENA, TRXMarket together with VENA team to hold the lucky draw event. Trades with trading volume reaching 200,000 VENA will be eligible to win 100,000 VENA! We will pick 50 lucky draws randomly and 2000 VENA for each!

Event time: June 12 14:00 - June 19 14:00 (HKT)

Join official group to follow the latest progress and winners result.

After the event, we will announce the results of the event within 7 working days and release award according to the rules of the event. 



VENA Trading Volume = VENA Buying Volume + VENA Selling Volume;

During the activity period, if the transaction volume is the same, the order of packing time of the block corresponding to the last transaction shall prevail;

During the event, if there are cheating, scalping or bucketing, TRXMarket has the right to disqualify the user from the rewards;

The final right of interpretation belongs to TRXMarket.

TRXMarket Team

June 12, 2019


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