DragonEx Launches A Subscription for Crazy Zoo

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DragonEx Launches A Subscription for Crazy Zoo


Dear communities:

DragonEx Open Platform will launch a blockchain game Crazy Zoo at 15:00(UTC+8) on June 18, 2019.

For sharing more benefits with DT community, DragonEx will package some APPs on Open Platform to independent asset package, the eligibile users can subscribe Apps asset package shares through DT, the schedule as below:

1.Trial operation

Period: 15:00, June 18- 15:00, July 1, 2019 (UTC+8)

1.1. Purpose: Calculate the advertising value of product (profits of this product is credited into Open Platform as advertising revenue) and estimate value of asset package.

2.Subscription for asset package

2.1Period: 15:00- 20:00, July 2, 2019 (UTC+8)


2.2.1 Users who meet the requirements can subscribe asset package by paying DT.

2.2.2 The subscription qualification is determined by the average DT position (daily random snapshot) in 7 days before start of subscription (June 25- July 1, 2019). Please stay tuned for our further announcements.

3. Asset package shares

3.1 Platform will contribute 80% of advertising revenue to buyback shares on secondary market, 10% of advertising revenue will be poured into DT-Eco Foundation to speed up DT inflation plan.

3.2 DragonEx will carry out guaranteed buybacks as corresponding USDT price of subscription for shares (for example, if it’s 2 USDT at the time of subscription, the price of every share is 1DT, then platform will carry out guaranteed buybacks at the price of 2USDT per share).

3.4Users who participate in subscription and transaction of asset package are responsible for risks of investment losses.

3.4 DragonEx reserves the final right to interpret the details of the features and activity.

DragonEx Team

June 14,2019