Starting the fifth round of 「Set Pending Orders for Contribution Points」, Give out 280k CNY!

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Dear BigONE users,

BigONE will start the fifth round of 「Set Pending Orders for Contribution Points」activity. �Users who set effective pending orders can get 「Contribution Points」. The details are as follows.

Time: 16:00:00 (UTC), September 11, 2019 - 15:59:59 (UTC), September 17, 2019

Trading pairs &「Contribution Points」(CPs) Rewards:

The total amount for 7 days is 280,000 「Contribution Points」(around 280k CNY).

How to Get Rewards:

The closer the price of pending orders to the current price, the more pending orders, and the longer you set the pending orders, the more rewards you will get.

We will calculate the score each user gets from their pending orders per day and distribute the 「Contribution Points」according to the percentage of each user’s scores in the total scores.

Reward = the score of one user get at one trading pair/the total score of all users get at that trading pair*the daily reward of that trading pair

For example, if the total pending-order scores of BTC/USDT trading pair for one day is 5,000, and one user’s score from BTC/USDT trading pair that day is 500, the user can get 500/5,000*5,000 = 500 「Contribution Points」. 

The Formula of Pending-order score

1. We will take a snapshot at each trading pair per minute randomly and calculate the buy and sell pending-order scores respectively.

At this time, α =2, n = 4.

2. We choose the smaller one between the buy pending-order score and the sell pending-order score as the score of one snapshot.

3. The total amount of users' pending order scores of all snapshots on that day will be the final pending order score for that user on that day.

Rewards Distribution

We will notify the users who get rewards through email every day after we calculate the pending-order scores and rewards of the day before. Please make sure you’ve linked your email with the BigONE account in order to receive the emails.

All 「Contribution Points」will be distributed within 7 business days after the activity ends.

Reminder: since Contribution Point is an integer, thus we will give out the integer part of the Contribution Points each user gets. The minimum amount we will give out is 1 Contribution Point.

Introduction for 「Contribution Points」

Users can exchange BTC or ONE  that values 0.14 USDT with 1 「Contribution Point」and 1 ONE at once the 「Contribution Points」exchange starts.

More information about 「Contribution Points」:

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BigONE holds the ultimate explanation right of this activity.

Thanks for your continuous support and love.

BigONE Team

September 11, 2019