Mortgage loan Upgrade Notice

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Mortgage loan Upgrade Notice


Dear users:

The mortgage loan has completed at 15:15 (UTC+8) on September 20, 2019. 

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What’s new in the upgrade:

After the mortgage loan is overdue, DragonEx will deduct part of the mortgage based on the overdue time. (Ex: If the borrower does not have sufficient USDT in the exchange account when the loan past due, DragonEx will deduct 1% of the mortgage; DragonEx will deduct 2 % of the mortgage when overdue 24 hours; DragonEx will deduct 3 % of the mortgage when overdue 48 hours. Deduction ratio will increase gradually. To know more information, Please check the Overdue Deduction Statement).


The mortgage loan before 15:15 (UTC+8) on September 20, 2019, is still based on the previous overdue deduction method. (If the borrower past due 24 hours and does not have sufficient USDT in the account for the payment, DragonEx will deduct all of the mortgage)

Thank you for supporting DragonEx!

DragonEx Team

September 20, 2019