BigONE PoS Mining Pool Upgraded

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Dear BigONE users,

In order to provide you with better blockchain asset management services, BigONE PoS mining pool has been upgraded.

Details as follows:

1.POS mining pool homepage revision

Provide rapid investment entry and more convenient multi-currency financing.

Differentiate between the fundraising and the running mines, and the investment information is clear at a glance.

2.New investment record, income record

In the investment record, you can view the project investment records that are in progress, pending settlement, and completed.

In the income record, you can view the financial benefits in different time periods.

3.Support midway exit

After investing in the PoS mining pool, users can enjoy the midway exit service.

  • Ordinary exit: After recalculating the proceeds, the withdrawal of the principal and proceeds will arrive in 7 days.
  • Lightning exit: After recalculating the proceeds, the withdrawal of the principal and proceeds will arrive immediately, subject to liquidated damages.

4.Asset Management Account Added

After adding the Asset Management Account,  the user can transfer funds between the exchange account and the asset management account, and the assets used to invest in the PoS mining pool need to be transferred to the asset management account first.

The asset management account page will display information such as total assets, accumulated earnings.

The latest version of the PoS mining pool and asset management service will be launched first on the BigONE web version and will be launched at BigONE App in the near future. 

In the future, we will continue to provide you with more convenient blockchain asset management services.


After this revision, the annualized rate of return of the existing products in the PoS pool and the participation rules of each pool is unchanged. Please check the mining product's homepage for details.

Thanks for your continuous support and love.

BigONE Team

November 9, 2018