BigONE Has Completed 「Repurchase with 100x Price」Fourth Round Contribution Points Exchange

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Dear BigONE users,

BigONE has completed 「Repurchase with 100x Price」fourth round contribution points exchange. The exchange rules and results are as follows.

Exchange Rules

1 ONE + 1 「Contribution Point」 = ONE or BTC that values 0.14 USDT. The exchange price of ONE or BTC is the average trading price of the day before the appointment of the exchange starts (November 14 for this round).

In this round of exchange, the exchange price of BTC and ONE is 8707.15 USDT and 0.003860 USDT respectively.

Thus, 1 ONE + 1 「Contribution Point」can exchange 0.14 / 8707.15 = 0.00001608 BTC or 0.14 /0.003860 = 36.27 ONE in this round.

Exchange Ratio

1 million 「Contribution Points」can be exchanged in this round. Because there are 27,865,697 「Contribution Points」appointed to exchange, thus 1,000,000/27,865,697 ≈ 3.58864%「Contribution Points」of each user appointed can be exchanged this time. The 「Contribution Points」and ONE unexchanged will be returned.


If one user appointed 10,000 「Contribution Points」to exchange, thus 10,000 *3.58864% = 358 「Contribution Points」( the part which less than 1 Contribution Point will not get exchanged) will be exchanged for 358 * 0.00001608 = 0.00575664 BTC 或 358 * 36.27 = 12,984.66 ONE. The 9,642 「Contribution Points」and 9,642 ONE unexchanged will be returned.

If you apply to exchange less than 28 Contribution Points, they also can't be exchanged at this round.

You can check your exchange result at ONE Strategically Upgrade Announcement

The Detailed Explanation of 「Repurchase with 100x Price Plan」


The fourth round of 10 million「Contribution Points」distribution has started on November 14. Now 16.2 % of the total amount has been distributed. You can get 「Contribution Points」by set pending orders.

BigONE holds the ultimate explanation right of this activity.

Thanks for your continuous support and understanding.

BigONE Team

November 19, 2019