Operating instructions for Quick Buy/Sell of RUB

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  1.  Users can conduct exchanges between RUB and BTC or USDT via Quick Buy/Sell feature. The specific process is as follows:

     (1) Click on the [Fiat] – [Buy Crypto] on the menu bar to enter the Quick Buy/Sell page. The process is               as shown in the figure below:

   (2) Directly trade on the homepage by tapping the button “Buy Now”, as shown below:

   (3) Buy RUB with mainstream tokens, such as BTC, etc., as shown below:


   (4) Buy BTC with RUB via OTC, which is as shown below:


  (5) Click [Assets] – [History] – [Spot Assets History] to view all operations records, including the records on fiat-crypto trading, all transactions and deposit/withdrawal between BG accounts and other wallets. The History page is as follows:


  1. When the RUB balance is insufficient, you can deposit through Advcash (or buy RUB from merchants via Quick Buy/Sell function, of which the process will be described later)

     (1) Select RUB deposit way. The process is as shown below:

(2) Enter the RUB deposit amount and enjoy the fee-free deposit/withdrawal between BG account and Advcash account.


(3) The page will jump to Advcash wallet after you click on the “Deposit” button. Part of the purchase process are as follows (PS. Please contact the Advcash Customer Service for help if you meet any problems on the wallet operations.) 

(4) The RUB assets will be displayed on assets list after the deposit from Advcash to BG, as shown below:


  1. You have to complete the binding of Google Authenticator before withdrawing RUB to Advcash wallet. The process is as follows:

      (1) Bind Google Authenticator on Profile page, as shown below:

(2) Click “Assets” on the menu bar and withdraw RUB to Advcash account by tapping the “Withdraw” button at the back of the RUB assets line.



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