BigONE Will Distribute ETH to DGD holders and Support the Upcoming DGD Dissolution

BigONEIssued on 2020/03/26 16:42    Content based on the original text . Link

Dear BigONE Users,

BigONE will support the upcoming DigixDao (DGD) dissolution initiated by the DigixDao community and will convert all DGD balances held on BigONE to ETH, in accordance with the dissolution redemption price stated in the DGD's Medium announcement and community redemption portal. 

BigONE has delisted DGD.

The Details:

  • BigONE will stop DGD's deposit and withdrawal services at 12:00 on March 27 UTC+8
  • The snapshot of all DGD balances held by BigONE users will be taken at 0:00 on March 28  (UTC+8). 1 DGD = 0.193 ETH and after the distribution, DGD will be removed from users' accounts.
  • BigONE will finish distributing ETH no later than 20:00 on April 2. UTC+8

Thank you for your support and love.

BigONE Team

March 26