I. Notice

Thank you for visiting BitKan website( and/or BitKan Android, IOS mobile App (hereinafter collectively referred as “BitKan Platform”). It is advised that users (hereinafter referred as “you”) of BitKan Platform services should carefully read all of the following content. If you do not consent to any term under this Agreement, please do not register or use any service within the BitKan Platform. After you fill in information in accordance with the suggestions set out in the registration page, read and consent to this Agreement and complete all registration formalities, or actually use any service provided by BitKan Platform through any means permitted by BitKan Platform, it will be deemed that you have fully read, understand and accept all content within this Agreement and reached an agreement with BitKan Platform. You undertake to accept and abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and shall not make a plea of any form for not reading this Agreement. Following your successful registration, BitKan Platform will provide you with an account and corresponding password, which shall be kept at your own responsibility. Any legal liability arising from any activities relating to your account shall be borne by yourself.

II. Services

The following services shall be provided by BitKan Limited, a corporation established in British Virgin Islands in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

1.Market Price Watch Service: you can view the market price for cryptocurrency in the BitKan Platform.

2.Information Service: the contents of BitKan Platform information service will be provided by BitKan Platform as the circumstance may be, for instance market price, news, K Site articles, comments and etc..

3.Community Service: BitKan Platform provides community service where you can follow users that you are interested in, and express views, make comments and give tips; besides, you can post articles and message under your K site account or follow K sites that you are interested in and comment on the articles and messages under relevant K sites.

4.Digital Wallet Service: (1) create wallet. You can create new wallet for cryptocurrency supported by BitKan wallet within BitKan Platform. (2) remit or receive cryptocurrency. You can manage cryptocurrency by remitting or receiving cryptocurrency from the wallet. Remittance means the payer remit cryptocurrency to payee’s blockchain address, during which actual remittance or receipt of cryptocurrency occurs in relevant blockchain system or within BitKan wallet. (3)store cryptocurrency. You can use BitKan wallet to store the payment password and private keys of the cryptocurrency that BitKan wallet supports.

For the avoidance of doubt, the digital wallet service provided by BitKan Platform do not include: (1) store security question and answer to user’s password; (2)freeze wallet; (3)report loss of wallet; (4)restore wallet; (5)roll back remittance.

Users shall keep by themselves the login account and password, wallet safety password and security question/answer during use of wallet services provided by BitKan Platform. If users lose mobile equipment, suffers stolen wallet, leak wallet account or its payment password/text message verification code, it may lead to failure to restore or find wallet in the BitKan Platform. In addition, if users error in making a transaction, such as mistype blockchain address, BitKan Platform cannot cancel such transaction.

The management of cryptocurrency provided by BitKan wallet do not include every existing cryptocurrency. It is advised not to operate cryptocurrency not supported by the BitKan wallet.

5. Intermediary cryptocurrency conversion. You can convert one cryptocurrency to another through the intermediary service provided by BitKan Platform, in which BitKan Platform executes the order to purchase or sell cryptocurrency in other crypto exchanges on behalf of you after receiving such order from you and transferring your crypto assets from BitKan Platform to such exchanges so that one type of cryptocurrency is converted into another.
Also, we may not make all of the Services available in all markets and jurisdictions, and may restrict or prohibit use of all or a portion of the Services from Restricted Locations, which at this time include Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sudan, Malaysia, Syria, United States of America [including all U.S.A. territories like Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Island, and the US Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas)], Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan. The content of the Terms shall not be excluded from the laws of the country or region under which the User belongs. As a result, if You do not meet these eligibility requirements, do not use our Services.

6.Guaranteed Transaction. You can make an offer to buy or sell at a predetermined price certain cryptocurrencies supported on BitKan Platform to certain or uncertain third party on BitKan Platform. Once the offer is made, BitKanPlatform will lockdown the assets relevant to the offer until the counterparty accepts the offer and fulfills the obligation to pay the consideration on BitKan Platform. BitKan Platfrom only provides necessary technical support to the guaranteed transaction and is neither a party to the guaranteed transaction nor guarantee the process or outcome of the transaction. You shall be responsible for the outcome of the transaction by yourself.

7.Transactional Strategy Tool. You can choose to use customized or algorithm-generated transactional strategy tool, based on which autogenerated orders to sell or buy at a fixed or unfixed price range will be submitted to BitKan Platform in order to buy low and sell high. The transactional strategy tool does not constitute an investment advice from BitKan Platform. You shall fully understand the user manual and risks involved in using the tool and evaluate your risk-taking capacity before deciding to use the transactional strategy tool, and shall be responsible for your profits and losses by yourself. BitKan Platform is not responsible whatsoever for the losses or risks incurred by you due to the use of the tool.

III. Rules of Service

1.Community Rule

To maintain BitKan community order and safeguard legal rights and interests of BitKan users, BitKan Platform formulate this rule in accordance with laws and regulations by taking account of BitKan Platform unique characteristics. BitKan Platform is exclusively entitled to interpret and execute this rule.

(1) Fundamental Principles

Pursuant to relevant laws and regulations, you shall not make, copy, issue, disseminate the following information when you use the services provided by BitKan Platform:

  1. Violating the fundamental principles set out in the constitution;
  2. Endangering national security, disclosing national secrets, inciting subversion of state power; inciting division of the country;
  3. Infringing national honor and benefits;
  4. Instigating ethnic hatred, discrimination and destroying ethnic unity;
  5. Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and destroying social stability;
  6. Spreading obscenity, pornography, gamble, violence, terror or subornation;
  7. Insulting or defaming others, infringement others’ legal rights and interests;
  8. Containing other contents prohibited by laws and regulations;
  9. Containing harassment, advertisement, spam or any content relating to sex or sexual innuendo;
  10. Rumors, false information or other misleading contents;
  11. Contents violating public order and moral or disturbing normal operation of BitKan Platform.

(2) Definition of Irregularities

A. Illegal Behavior

  1. Post information relating to firearms/ammunition, explosives and other prohibited goods.
  2. Post information relating to making, sale of counterfeits, including counterfeit money, invoice, credit/debit card and etc.
  3. Post pornographic information.
  4. Post gambling information.
  5. Post drug related information.
  6. Post violence, bloodiness, violence, heresy.
  7. Post other hazardous information.

B. Personal Abuse

BitKan does not support any attack, abuse or words suspected of personal abuse against any user, which takes any of the following form:

  1. Post contents that insult, abuse, attack, disrespect users of BitKan Platform in the form of comments, private message and etc.
  2. Induce, incite, instigate users to isolate, attack, cyber manhunt or using other means to treat other users.
  3. Post contents that viciously disclose other’s privacy or infringe others’ legal rights and interests.
  4. Harass, defame, threaten users of BitKan Platform or post contents in the BitKan Platform that exert serious influence on users.
  5. Post discriminatory, insulting or abusing contents based on races, religions, ethnics, geography, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical features and etc.

C.Ads and Marketing Info
For publicity or exposure purpose, users post contents or conduct relevant behavior that affect user experience or disturb the order of BitKan Platform, including without limitation:

  1. Repeatedly post spam advertisements that include sale of products (virtual and physical goods), provision of service, promotion and publicity contents.
  2. Bulk register or procure internet water army accounts to post contents that disturb BitKan Platform order, or create false prosperity, induce or mislead users by false interaction among internet water army accounts.
  3. Conduct vicious marketing that severely affects user experience, including without limitation: illegally reprint contents produced by others while adding into promotional and marketing contents; post deceptive and vicious marketing content, such as fabricating experience, pretending to be others; induce users to forward, publicize certain products/services or bind with services, repeatedly post messages by promising to grant benefits.
  4. Recommend shares, advice on buying or selling, promise returns or conduct other securities advisory services in BitKan Platform that requires license or registration pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.
  5. Recommend ICO projects in BitKan Platform.
  6. Post illegal securities advisory information such as management of client’s funds, promise of return, recommendation of shares, in BitKan Platform.
  7. Induce BitKan Platform users to pay for reading, recommendation of shares/cryptocurrency and etc. in other platforms.
  8. Post any advertisement for business promotion purpose in the form of picture, text, link, QR code and etc. without consent from BitKan Platform, and money-raising information including without limitation gambling, lottery, donation.
  9. Sale, transfer, lease any BitKan Platform account.

D.Other Irregularities
Abuse BitKan Platform product functions to affect user experience, endanger BitKan Platform safety and others’ legal rights and interests in the following manners:

  1. Bulk register internet water army account.
  2. Disseminate and spread contents that are illegal or violate BitKan community rule through BitKan Platform account head portrait, nickname, intro.
  3. Pretend others and imply connection with certain person or institution, such as listed company, government agency, BitKan official/staff.
  4. Repeatedly post contents or post bulk contents in a collective action to affect user experience.
  5. Post contents that are vulgar, disrespectful, obscene and causing discomfort.
  6. Induce, incite and instigate users to post, follow and forward false comments and conduct personal abuse and internet manhunt and etc.
  7. Post potentially dangerous contents such as phishing site, wooden horse, virus website and etc.
  8. Plagiarize others’ article without indicating its author and origin.
  9. Fraudulently embezzle and post others’ picture to gain reply and comments.
  10. Register internet water army accounts to participate BitKan Platform activities. Once found, the accounts concerned will be subject to any of the following measures: deleting posts, banned account, cancellation of relevant authority, cancellation of accounts and etc.
  11. Grabbing BitKan Platform data through arachnobot, once found, will be subject to blocked IP, cancellation of relevant authority, cancellation of accounts.
  12. Post completely irreverent comments or arguments.
  13. Attack BitKan Platform. Abuse, sneer, instigate users to adversely affect BitKan.

(3) Punitive Measures

  1. Restricted display: screen.
  2. Delete post: irregular and unsuitable post, article, comments will be deleted.
  3. Delete head portrait, nickname, intro: irregular head portrait, nickname and intro will be forced to be deleted.
  4. Ban account: if an account is banned, such account cannot engage in any operation except for browsing contents, including prohibition from post, modification, deleting posts, editing user’s profile, sending private message and making comments and etc.
  5. Delete account: if an account is deleted, the account user cannot use such account to login BitKan Platform.
  6. Accumulative penalty: violation of BitKan Platform community rule will be subject to restricted display, banned account and even deleted account depending on the severity of violation. If the same user repeatedly breaches rules, accumulative penalty will apply.

2、Rules for Infringement Complaint

(1) Principles of Disposal

  1. BitKan Platform tries to objectively and impartially deal with complaint application based on laws, regulations and relevant evidence submitted by the informer and information kept by BitKan Platform (if any) but cannot guarantee the results satisfy the expectation of the informers or relevant parties.
  2. In dealing with any complaint application, BitKan Platform may face certain degree of information asymmetry. Therefore, BitKan Platform’s treatment of complaint application mostly relies on the sufficiency and cogency of relevant evidence submitted by relevant parties.
  3. As independent internet service provider, BitKan Platform may not be able to independently judge the legal issue of whether an act constitutes tort (except in cases where common sense possessed by general public is sufficient to make judgement). BitKan Platform’s disposal of complaint application, regardless of the results, will not be treated as agreement or disagreement with informant’s opinion.
  4. BitKan Platform will not bear any liability for disposal of any complaint application.

(2) Scope of Hearing

  1. The tort complaint for infringement of institutional or personal rights and interests accepted in the BitKan Platform will include infringement of personal privacy, slander and defamation, commercial tort.
  2. Infringement of personal privacy: posted contents disclose personal information, such as real name, family address, identification number, workplace, private phone number and etc.
  3. Slander and defamation: posted contents directly or indirectly abuse, insult, defame, slander others (including natural person and institution).
  4. Commercial torts: revealing business secrets and other contents that should be kept confidential under non-disclosure agreement.

(3) Complaint Materials

  1. Contents posted by users in BitKan Platform represent their own opinions and in no case relates to BitKan Platform’s standpoint. If anyone find any content in BitKan Platform infringing their legal rights and interests, he/she should try to contact the user in the first instance and settle the disputes through negotiation. If it fails to reach the user, please contact BitKan Platform (email address: To facilitate timely disposal of the disputed issue, authentic, complete and sufficient materials should be submitted. Otherwise, compliant will not be processed. The complaint materials submitted to BitKan Platform should include:
    1 ) business registration certificate, trademark certificate, copyright certificate and/or other certificate of entitlement that the complainant claims to be entitled to.
    2 ) identification of complainant in the form of passport or ID card.
    3 ) if the complainant is not the rightsholder, the complainant shall provide written authorization for acting on behalf of the rightsholder.
  2. To ensure the authenticity of the complaint materials, you shall be required to execute the legal claim containing the following contents during the complaint application:
    1 ) You are the rightsholder of the complaint concerned.
    2 ) Contents posted in the BitKan Platform violates your legal rights and interests.
    3 ) If the complaint application is partly or completely untrue, you shall undertake all legal responsibility arising therefrom and compensate any and all loss suffered by BitKan Platform, including loss of goodwill.

(4) Procedure of Disposal

  1. Not all complaint applications need to be disposed. If BitKan Platform believes that the complaint material is true, complete, legal and reasonable, it will proceed and reply within 7 working days from receipt of complaint material. During the disposal, inquiry in any form (telephone, email and others) will not be accepted.
  2. For contents disposed or deleted from BitKan Platform but can be accessible from Baidu or google search engine due to their cache, such issue is beyond the capability of BitKan Platform to dispose and therefore application thereof will not be accepted. You can contact the search engine service provider by yourself.
  3. This is the only channel for complaint in the BitKan Platform. No other channel are available for complaint disposal at the moment.
  4. The legal disputes relating to commercial acts occurred in BitKan Platform between the users shall be dealt with by themselves with no relevance to BitKan Platform.

3、Rules for Cryptocurrency Exchange

You undertake to abide by the following rules when using BitKan Platform to convert cryptocurrency.

(1) User Identification Verification

When you sign up in BitKan Platform, it means you expressly consent to identification verification by sharing your personal info, which will be used by BitKan Platform to assess risks of money laundering, financing of terrorism, scam and other financial crimes. Besides provision of personal info, for the purpose of complying global data storage standards, you agree that BitKan Platform is entitled to keep these info during the period of your use and five years after your account closure and authorize BitKan Platform to directly or through third party to verify such information. Please note that the foregoing measures are necessary to protect you and BitKan Platform against scam and other financial crimes.

(2) View Transaction Price

When you use BitKan Platform to view transaction price, you should carefully read all the transactional information, including price, volume, commission rates, buy or sell. You can start to trade after full acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the transaction.

(3) Submission of Commission

After viewing and confirming the transaction information, you can submit request for commission. After submission, you authorize BitKan Platform to convert cryptocurrency on other crypto exchanges on your behalf. BitKan Platform will automatically convert cryptocurrency at the terms and conditions set by you without prior notification.

(4) View Transaction History

You can view the transaction records from the historical transactions and confirm the detailed transaction records.

(5) Revocation/Modification of Commission

Before the transaction is concluded, you are entitled to revoke the commission.

(6) Miscellaneous

Other rules related to cryptocurrency exchange as published in BitKan Platform from time to time.

IV. User’s Account

  1. BitKan Platform does not accept registration of BitKan Platform account for persons with restrictive or no capacity of civil conduct. Anyone registers accounts by pretending to be such persons will be subject to deregistration of account by BitKan Platform and shall undertake the responsibility of fraudulent use of others’ name.
  2. In case of special needs, persons with restrictive and no capacity of civil conduct can apply to BitKan Platform for registration of Platform account with submission of relevant proof, which application could be rejected by BitKan Platform.
  3. One could register as formal user in BitKan Platform through one of the following means:
    (1) Complete registration with real name authentication in the membership system of BitKan Platform.
    (2) Login through third-party website with real name authentication approved by BitKan Platform.
  4. Becoming a formal user of BitKan Platform will enjoy access to all services in the platform. If real name authentication is not passed, only selective access to BitKan Platform services can be enjoyed. BitKan Platform is entitled to adjust the membership privilege.
  5. Once indecent or inappropriate words are found in user’s account, BitKan Platform reserves the right to cancel user’s qualification.
  6. Ownership of user’s account belongs to BitKan Platform while users enjoys right of use and ownership of cryptocurrency in the account. If use of user’s account suspends for a consecutive year, BitKan Platform reserves the right to take back the account.

V. Legality and Authenticity of Your Materials

In view of the importance of BitKan Platform service, you agree that:
1.You must possess full capacity of civil conduct.
2.You must not use other’s documentations (including but not limited to names, photos, nicknames). If the documentation you provided is not accurate, true, legal or pertains to others’, BitKan Platform reserves the right to directly revise the documentation or terminate your right to use any services to BitKan Platform. You agree that your personal accurate documentation will be the exclusive evidence for the link between your identity and the account.
3. You can provide email address, mobile number or any other means permitted by BitKan Platform as shown from registration page to sign in BitKan Platform. If necessary, you must provide and update in a timely manner your real name, identification documents and other relevant information stipulated by relevant laws and regulations and privacy/AML terms in different jurisdictions. You shall be responsible for the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of such information and undertake responsibility for the consequence of any direct and indirect losses.
4.Following signup, you must ensure your personal information true and complete and shall update it if there is any change. If there is any reason for suspicion of the information you provided is false, untrue, outdated or incomplete, BitKan Platform is entitled to send you a notification, require rectification, directly delete relevant information, and (as the case may be) terminate your right to use part or all of BitKan’s service. If BitKan Platform is unable to reach you via the contact information you provided, you shall bear all the losses or expenses incurred during use of BitKan’s service. You confirm herein that you shall be obligated to update all your information if there is any change.
5.By signing up, you herby authorize BitKan Platform to conduct investigations that it deems necessary directly or through a third party in order to verify your identity or protect you, other users and/or BitKan Platform from scams or other forms of financial crimes, and take actions that it deems necessary based on outcome of the investigations. You hereby confirm and consent that your personal information could be disclosed to credit information agency and anti-scam or prevention of financial crime department, which may respond to the results of our investigation.

VI. Protection of Privacy

It is necessary for you to carefully read the privacy policy issued by BitKan Platform and use your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy prior to BitKan Platform’s provision of service. The privacy policy is an important component of this agreement.

VII. Intellectual Property

1.The copyright of original contents (including without limitation articles, pictures and comments) posted by you on BitKan Platform pertains to you. You can authorize any third party to use, disseminate in any form without consent from BitKan Platform.
2. You consent that BitKan Platform enjoys free, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive and full right and permission to any content you posted on the BitKan Platform. BitKan Platform is entitled to use them for other legal purposes, including without limitation replicate, modify, translate, assemble, split, distribute, broadcast, perform, deduce and publish part or all of them.
3. All intellectual properties on BitKan Platform includes without limitation website symbol, database, website design, word and diagram, software, photo, video, music, sound and combination of the foregoing, software compiler, relevant source code and software. You agree not to replicate, modify, copy, send or use any content or material for commercial purpose.
4. If you reprint contents posted by users on BitKan Platform for non-commercial purpose, you should indicate in notable position name or account nickname of original author, attach linkage to original article and indicate “posted on BitKan Platform”, and shall not modify contents of the article. If you reprint out of commercial purpose, or need to modify the article, you should seek authorization from relevant users.
5. Users should make sure that contents posted on BitKan Platform are created by themselves or duly authorized, and such contents will not infringe legal rights and interests of any third party. If a third party raises issues with copyright, BitKan Platform is entitled to delete any content as the case may be and reserves the right to hold users account for any legal responsibility. Users shall fully compensate any loss suffered by BitKan Platform or any third party.
6、BitKan Platform is entitled but not obliged to review the contents posted on the BitKan Platform and will adopt measures for the contents accused of infringement in accordance with relevant applicable laws, regulations and platform rules by disposal of the account and contents alleged of infringement.

VIII. Your Responsibility and Obligation

You undertake not to use BitKan Platform for any illegal purpose or in illegal way and not to infringe others’ rights and interests or conduct any criminal act by utilizing the services provided by BitKan Platform. You independently undertake all the responsibility for the contents that you post. Use of BitKan Platform shall abide by all applicable international, national and regional laws. You are fully aware of and undertake that:
1.You shall keep by yourself login information to BitKan Platform, such as account and its password, wallet password and etc. BitKan Platform will not be responsible for storage of such information for the users. All risks, responsibilities, loss and fees incurred from loss of mobile equipment, actively or passively disclosing or forgetting login account and its password, wallet password or cyber-attack or scams shall be borne by yourself.
2. Any content posted on BitKan Platform can be modified or deleted by BitKan Platform in accordance with its standards and standpoint without prior or subsequent explanation. The standards of modification or erasure are independently drafted by BitKan Platform without your opinion or disclosure to you.
3. You shall not interfere with BitKan Platform service through any means.
4. You shall abide by any other rules and protocols in BitKan Platform.
5. You shall undertake the responsibility for using the services on BitKan Platform, including without limitation compensating the damaged party and reimbursing BitKan Platform for any compensation paid on your behalf for administrative penalty or tort claims.
6.During use of some services on BitKan Platform, you may need to pay some service charge. The fee standards and explanations are specified on BitKan Platform.
7. When you use BitKan Platform to conduct external transfer, you will need to pay “mining fee” to relevant blockchain network. Users are aware of the fact that under certain circumstance (for instance insufficient mining fee paid to blockchain network), transfer may fail.
8. You undertake that all digital tokens are legally obtained. You shall not disturb the normal proceeding of cryptocurrency exchange or interfere with other user’s use of BitKan Platform.
9. You shall not use BitKan Platform to conduct any money laundry, smuggle, bribery and other illegal transaction or criminal acts, nor use BitKan Platform to maliciously manipulate market, improperly trade or conduct any other immoral transactions.
When you access to BitKan’s service, you authorize that BitKan Platform is entitled to investigate any violation to this article and unilaterally declare whether you have violated this article, and take actions in accordance with relevant applicable laws and regulations without your consent or prior notifications. Examples of such actions include but not limited to:

  • Stop and close order request;
  • Freeze account;
  • Report an incident to the authority;
  • Publicize a violation and adopted action;
  • Delete any violated information that posted.

IX. Risk Warning

1. You are fully aware and acknowledge that due to imperfection of laws and regulations in cryptocurrency industry, there may exist major risks such as failure to cash or unstable technology. The price fluctuations in cryptocurrency are far intensive than any other financial assets. We carefully warn you to choose or dispose any cryptocurrency based on your financial condition and risk preference.
2. BitKan Platform provides market price watch based on the information accessible from cryptocurrency exchange. The market price information displayed on BitKan Platform does not cover all cryptocurrency exchanges. BitKan Platform will endeavor to provide reliable and accurate market price information service, but cannot guarantee or promise the authenticity, completeness and timeliness of the service. The cryptocurrency market price displayed on BitKan Platform is solely for the purpose of user’s reference. User’s should check the cryptocurrency price from the exchange. If users invest in cryptocurrency based on the data and info on BitKan Platform, they shall bear all risks and losses by themselves. BitKan Platform will not bear any responsibility for risk or loss associated with your investment decisions.
3. BitKan Platform provides news, community information service for user’s reference. During use of BitKan Platform, any content contained in these services shall neither be treated as BitKan Platform’s express or implied promise of gains on cryptocurrency investment or choice of cryptocurrency portfolio and time of purchase/sale, and nor be treated as feasibility study, forecast, suggestion or investment advice of cryptocurrency investment.
4. Cryptocurrency investment is highly risky and is not suitable for most people. Users are fully aware and acknowledge that such investment may lead to partial or complete loss. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in cryptocurrency based on the amount of loss that can be borne by the users. Users should prudently evaluate their financial conditional and risks before engaging in cryptocurrency investment. Users shall bear all losses resulting from such decisions and BitKan Platform will not bear any liability for such decisions.
5. Under no circumstances, will BitKan Platform guarantee or undertake any user’s cryptocurrency investment, whether express, implied or statutory, nor undertake any legal responsibility arising therefrom. Users shall conduct cryptocurrency investment based on independent judgement and undertake all responsibility resulting therefrom.
6. BitKan Platform will neither guarantee use of services on BitKan platform, whether express or implied,in respect of product feasibility, free from errors or omissions, continuality, accuracy, reliability, fit for certain purpose, nor guarantee effectiveness, accuracy, reliability, quality, stability, quality, completeness and timeliness of the technology and information in relation to the services provided.
7. Users are free to decide whether to login or use services on BitKan Platform and should be solely responsible for any risk or loss incurred therefrom. BitKan Platform does not guarantee, whether expressly or implied, market price or value of cryptocurrency. Users are fully aware of uncertainties, drastic volatility or meltdown of market price or value in the cryptocurrency market.
8. When using any service on the BitKan Platform, you need to comply with any specification, notification, instruction, rules and this agreement. Otherwise, you may fail to complete relevant operations, for which BitKan Platform will not be responsible. In addition, users are fully aware that blockchain operation and relevant transaction are irrevocable and should bear the risks and consequence arising therefrom.
9. When you accept services or conduct transaction with any third party through the link on BitKan Platform, BitKan Platform strongly suggests you get to know the counterparty, its products and evaluate the risk by carefully reading this agreement, relevant agreements of the third party and notification from BitKan Platform before taking any action. Any transaction conducted in a third-party exchange is your personal choice and bound by the contractual relationship between you and the third-party platform. BitKan Platform will not bear any responsibility for any risk, loss, fees arising from your transaction on the third-party platform.
10. We advise you to use BitKan Platform on a safe internet environment and ensure that your mobile equipment has not been rooted in order to avoid any potential safety risk.
11. Please be cautious against any scam activities during use of BitKan Platform service and report such activity to BitKan Platform in the first instance.

X. Disclaimer

1.You confirm that you are fully familiar with all functions on BitKan Platform and necessary operations to fulfill such functions and choose to use relevant services according to your personal needs. You expressly consent to solely undertake all the risks and consequences associated with use of BitKan Platform services.
2. Services on BitKan Platform have gone through stringent tests but cannot guarantee full compatibility with all software and hardware and free from any error. If any in compatibility or error occurs, you can contact BitKan Platform for technical support.
3. BitKan Platform will not be responsible for any loss arising from internet, telecom system or computer dysfunction, virus, information loss or damage and other force majeure.
4. BitKan Platform does not guarantee that services satisfy your needs, services will be continuously, accurately, timely and safely provided without any dysfunction. You should take precautionary measures during use of BitKan Platform services and BitKan Platform will not undertake any responsibility for suspension of internet service, loss of documentation, damage of data or other flaws.
5. BitKan does not guarantee that any information (including without limitation BitKan official information, user posted information) displayed on BitKan Platform are up-to-date or accurate and does not express its views on such information. All information is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice or guidance. Any consequence arising from operations relying on such information shall be solely borne by yourself. In addition, as BitKan Platform provides cryptocurrency conversion service through intermediary, which operates by transferring your funds to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and making orders in such exchanges to achieve conversion. Once other platforms experience major risks, such as major technical breakdown, hacking, disappearance of controller, bankruptcy and etc., that may lead to losses of your funds. You shall bear such losses and risks by yourself.
6. You fully understand that after you set up a wallet on BitKan Platform, if you disclose information such as login account and password, payment password, message authentication code during export, save or backup such information, or the equipment or server that saves or backup such information suffer hacker attack/control, you may lose your cryptocurrency as a result, for which BitKan cannot recover for you and you shall bear such loss by yourself.

XI. Change, Suspension or Termination of Services

1.Under whatever circumstances, BitKan Platform will not be responsible for your loss incurred from change, suspension or termination of services caused by maintenance of telecom equipment, telecom network connection failure, computer/communication or other system failure, power failure, labor strike, labor dispute, riot, revolt, insufficiency of production power or materials, fire hazard, flood, windstorm, war, government act, judicial/administrative orders, other force majeure or third party inaction.
2.If any of the following happens, BitKan Platform is entitled to suspend or terminate any service, free or charged, without any liability to you or third party, and you shall bear any loss resulting therefrom by yourself:
(1) Your personal documentation is untrue;
(2) You violate laws, regulation or BitKan Platform rules;
(3) You fail to make payment in time for paid service according to relevant rules;
(4) You violate rights and interests of persons, or other legal entity, including patent right, copyright, trademark right, or rights of name, reputation, honor, portrait, privacy.
(5)You damage BitKan Platform goodwill or reputation and other legal rights and interests.
(6)Your account is restrained by governmental procedures, criminal investigations or other pending litigations;
(7)Your account is detected with anomalous activity or illegal access;
(8)BitKan Platform’s actions are justified by court order, governmental/authority order.
(9)Other grounds that BitKan believe it necessary to suspend or terminate service to you.

XII. Change and Termination of User Agreement

1.BitKan Platform is entitled to revise this agreement and relevant agreements of individual service through website and/or mobile equipment in the form of public announcement and etc. You should review the revisions in time and comply with the agreements. If you continue to use the services described under this agreement, it shall be deemed as consent to the revised content; if you do not consent to the revised content, you are entitled to withdraw from use of relevant services.
2. BitKan Platform is entitled to deregister your BitKan Platform account according to this agreement. This agreement shall cease to be effective from the date of deregistration.
3. BitKan Platform is entitled to terminate all BitKan Platform services according to this agreement. This agreement shall cease to be effective from the date of termination.
4. From the date of termination of this agreement, you are no longer entitled to require BitKan Platform to provide any service or perform any obligation to you, including without limitation provision of relevant data sourced from your posts in the original account.
5. BitKan Platform reserves the exclusive right to interpret this agreement to the maximum extent permitted by laws and regulations.

XIII. Juveniles

You must own full capacity of civil conduct. If you are a juvenile under eighteen years old, you must use BitKan Platform under the guidance of your parents or guardian. BitKan Platform is entitled to require your parents or guardian to take responsibility for any consequence arising from use of BitKan Platform by persons with no or restrictive capacity of civil conduct.

XIV. Notice and Delivery

You understand and agree that all kinds of notice from BitKan Platform are sent by means of website, system, official account, text message, email or mail. Once sent, these notices will be treated as received by the recipient. Your notice to BitKan Platform can be sent to

XV. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

All contents under this agreement are drafted in accordance with relevant laws, the conclusion, interpretation, execution of which shall be governed by relevant laws and regulations. Any claims or litigation arising from services under this agreement shall be governed and enforced by relevant laws. Unless otherwise agreed, the parties agree to arbitrate the dispute arising from this agreement in the Singapore International Arbitration Centre.

XVI. Update Time

This agreement is lastly updated on July, 10, 2020