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  • Mastercard and Visa to Form Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Team

    The world’s giant financial and payment card firms Visa Inc. and MasterCard are trying to form a specialized team of digital asset experts or invest in venture firms, particularly in creating their private wallets. Masterc
    CoinIdol1 hr agoView count (194) Comment count (0)
  • Early Bitcoin Contributor Projected $10 Million BTC Price 10 Years Ago

    Just a week after the bitcoin genesis block in January 2009, computer scientist Hal Finney published a price prediction model of $10,000,000 per coin based on it becoming the world’s dominant payments system. Ten Million Dollars Per
    Bitcoinist1 hr agoView count (247) Comment count (0)
  • Libra fast losing traction

    A report in the Financial Times, says 3 unnamed backers of the Libra Association are having second thoughts about the project. Regulators around the world have been vocal in their critiques of Libra, raising concerns over the power Facebook
    Brave New Coin2 hrs agoView count (232) Comment count (0)
  • Do You Support ‘Privacy Coins’? If so, Which One?

    How useful, or even feasible, are cryptocurrency’s “privacy coins”? Do they provide true financial privacy as promised and, if they do, is that actually a good idea? We caught up with entrepreneur and crypto investor Ryan
    Bitsonline2 hrs agoView count (234) Comment count (0)
  • What Crypto and Burning Man Have in Common

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that crypto aficionados love Burning Man. Both the long-running festival in the Nevada desert and the bitcoin ethos revolve around openness to exploring new governance models with
    CoinDesk2 hrs agoView count (180) Comment count (0)
  • Model: Bitcoin (BTC) Price to Surge 100% to $20,000 by May

    In just around nine months, Bitcoin (BTC) will see its next block reward reduction — dubbed “halving”. Despite this rapidly approaching bullish event, however, the cryptocurrency market has stagnated, establishing a trading rang
    NEWSBTC2 hrs agoView count (215) Comment count (0)
  • Lombardy Region Adopts Blockchain in Public Administration

    The Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo in the Metropolitan City of Milan, Lombardy, Italy, has started adopting blockchain tech in public administration (PA). Now, a maximum of 10 minutes is needed for the whole adm
    CoinIdol3 hrs agoView count (242) Comment count (0)
  • Bitcoin Influencer Plans To Run For POTUS, Proposes Universal BTC Income

    It has been made clear that the current POTUS is not a fan of Bitcoin however his tenure will not be forever. A pro-crypto United States president would likely ease the regulatory pain that is hampering the industry in the US. One may even
    Bitcoinist4 hrs agoView count (269) Comment count (0)
  • Cryptocurrency Rags To Riches – Part 1

    I’ve been thinking for a while now about starting a new series showing our readers ways to make money with cryptocurrency. There are so many different ways to make money with crypto and most of them don’t even take much effort.
    The Merkle8 hrs agoView count (320) Comment count (0)
  • BitCherry Chief Scientist Bob Qin Talks About Decentralized Distributed Computing

    Coinspeaker BitCherry Chief Scientist Bob Qin Talks About Decentralized Distributed ComputingOn 21st August 2019, the POW’ER 2019 Global Developers Conference hosted by Mars Finance was held in Beijing, China. This conference had invited 70
    CoinSpeaker6 hrs agoView count (395) Comment count (0)
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Model: Bitcoin (BTC) Price to Surge 100% to $20,000 by May A model from @100trillionUSD suggests that should histo… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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#BurningMan discussed but never issued a crypto token. Still, from $ETH to $EOS, leaders of the movement continue t… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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Most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are seeing moderate gains on the day as Bitcoin hovers over the $10,100 mark cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-p…
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Mark Carney: dollar is too dominant and could be replaced by digital currency ift.tt/2ZhyDJ8
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Moved from multi to single sig? twitter.com/thebitcoinrabb…
Bruce Fenton
4 hrs ago
This is the future ift.tt/2NwtPc6
4 hrs ago
Global adoption of bitcoin will never happen until the complexity of the UX is abstracted away. ift.tt/325SqIL
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This chapter introduced in details how to do asset deposit. Including deposit #TRX, deposit #TRC10, deposit #TRC20,… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Justin Sun