DragonEx Briefing - 2019/5/18 to 2019/5/24

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DragonEx Briefing - 2019/5/18 to 2019/5/24


1. Major Events 

1.1On May 20, DragonEx added trading pairs LEO/USDT in the USDT market, as the World Premiere of LEO. when the trade of LEO started, its price hit 1.55 USDT, which was higher 40% than its subscription price.  

1.2On May 22, DragonEx held an activity, themed Four Crypto Theme Days, Look for A Market Prophet in order to celebrate the launch of DragonEx Options(iOS).

2.Latest News

From May 21 to May 23, DragonEx opened LEO/USDT and XMR/USDT leverage trading pairs, providing more choice for the investors.

3.Product Features

3.1  DragonEx Options(iOS) was launched.

3.2  USDT Acount was added in the Option.

3.3  The application that will be accessed to DragonEx Open Platform is under testing.

3.4  DK Super Lotto will be upgraded.

DragonEx Team

May 24, 2019