Rules of IAEO for Onchain Entertainment

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Rules of IAEO for Onchain Entertainment


Dear Communities,

DragonEx will starts Onchain Entertainment Initial Advertisment Equity Offering from 15:00 to 20:00 of June 14th 2019, the details of rules are as follow:


1.The total amount of asset package is 250000DT which was calculated by trial operation data.

2. At least 100DT is subscribed at a time, and only an integral number is supported.

3. Subscription of asset package share is concluded

A If total contribution exceeds or is equal to the Hard Cap, the valid contribution will be calculated according to share allocation and extral DT will be returned.

B If total contribution didn't reach the hard cap, this subscription will be failed and all DT will be returned.


1.The token for IAEO of Onchain Entertainment will be distributed when the contribution ends and it will go live trading as well, the token code is DA0001, and the total amount is 1,000,000. The available token= 1,000,000 *the total contribution/ the Hard Cap

2、When distribution of tokens ends, platform will open DA0001/USDT trading pair within a week,token holders can transaction on secondary market.

3.2 DragonEx will carry out guaranteed buybacks as 0.9 USDT, and it begins after trading pair launched within 2 weeks.

2.During the normal operation of Onchain Entertainment, the 80% of the advertisement incomes will be used for token buy back.( The profits from Onchain Entertainment will be calculated as 10 share on T+2 to buy back from 14:00 to 24:00), 10% of the advertisment profits will be pour into DT Eco-Fund to accelerate the deflation of DT.

3.The repurchased tokens won’t be trade on the secondary market.


A. Users need to fully understand the risks of IOEA contribution and the token price fluctuation before participate the contribution;

B. Open Platform reserves the rights to remove those products with poor profitability or under improper operation.

C. All listed products are just for entertainment and pro-addiction system are deployed.

D. DragonEx team reserves the right of final interpretation.

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DragonEx Team

June 14,2019