DRO as vital resources will be pre-sale in Dragonland

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DRO as vital resources will be pre-sale in Dragonland


Event Time: 12:00 14th August – 12:00 15th August (UTC +8)

Event Rule: 

1. 500 DRO will be pre-sale in the NeoWorld“EVENT”interface. This event is the only way to get DRO before DRAGONLAND opening.

2. Players who holding 10 NEST are eligible to purchase DRO in this event. Players can purchase different quantities of DRO according to their personal level.

Level          Quantity

1-10             2

11-20            5

21-30            10

31-40            15

41-50            25

3. DRO can only be purchased by using NASH. Pre-sale price is 1 DRO=5000 NASH. The sales of NASH will be returned to the Marketing.

DRO Introduction:

DRO(DRAGONLAND Rare Ore) is a vital resource for DRAGONLAND. DRO has a total supply of 10 millions. Each island of DRAGONLAND will have 1 million DRO and will be activated at the time the island is opened. 95% of the 1 million DRO will be produced by constructing DRO collection factories on the island and the remaining 5% will be held in custody by the operating team for the purpose of launching events or other on-going campaigns. After the lord election, the last 10% will be put into DRO factory mining pool.

The DRO/NASH exchange in the RO Exchange of NeoWorld will be available when this event begins. Meanwhile, DRO will be list on the exchange in the near future. For more details, please pay attention to our announcement.

If you have any other questions, please contact the game customer service @neoworld001

DragonEx Team

August 13, 2019