BigONE Will Start the Third Round of Voting for Listing, Participate to Get DOT, MPAY and Contribution Points

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Dear BigONE users, 

BigONE will start the third round of voting for listing. This round has 2 candidates, Polkadot (DOT), MenaPay (MPAY). Once the voting ends, projects have more than 1 million votes will have the qualifications to list at BigONE according to their rankings. The users who vote for them will get token and Contribution Points rewards.

Project information: Polkadot (DOT), MenaPay (MPAY)

The rules are as follows: 

Voting Period: From 04:00:00 (UTC), September 18, 2019, to 03:59:59 (UTC), September 19, 2019

Who can Vote: Anyone owns ONE  ≥ 100 k every day during 16:00:00 (UTC), September 10 - 16:00:00 (UTC), September 17

Voting Requirement: 1 ONE stands for 1 vote. The minimum amount to vote is 100 ONE. Each user can vote 100,000 ONE maximum for each project. Votes can’t be canceled upon voting and your ONE will be frozen. The ONE used to vote must be unfrozen.  

Voting Results: Once the voting ends, projects that have more than 1 million votes will have the qualification to list at BigONE according to their rankings. If the project gets less than 1 million votes, it will not be listed.

Voting Rewards

We will destroy part of the ONE that users voted according to a certain proportion. The upside of the destroyed amount is 8.6 million ONE. Thus, in order to reward users voted, these users will get tokens from projects according to the ONE they voted and destroyed.

The exact information is as follows:


If ONE voted exceeds the destroyed upside, we will calculate each user’s destroyed ONE and the token amount they can get according to the voting proportion. After the voting ends, we will give out the token rewards to users’ BigONE account and the ONE that hasn't been destroyed will also be returned. 

Super Rewards 

BigONE will select 3 users randomly from the users that participate in this round of voting and give them the same amount of Contribution Points as the ONE they voted for one project. Users have a chance to get up to 100k Contribution Points.


  1. ONE voted can’t be canceled in this round of voting for listing.
  2. Contribution Points will be distributed within the 7 business days once the activity ends.
  3. BigONE holds the ultimate explanation right of this activity.

Thanks for your continuous support and love.

BigONE Team

September 10, 2019